April 27, 2011



is for Whatever, Whoopknacker and What

I say it, you say it, and you know your kids say it. What-ever, what-evah, whateverrrrrrrr......... is usually how it sounds too. It is used in many different ways. You use it when you are annoyed, when you want the other person to stop talking so you don't punch them in the mouth, when you completely disagree with someone else, and when you at a loss for any other words.

I use it frequently. It's just like a teenager over-using the word "dude" or "like", same difference. It's a habit more than anything else now...... Do you have words like that?

Funny story: the whole crew was over at Miss Em's one Friday night. We were playing board games, drinking wine and laughing so hard I thought I might pee my pants! Well, we were playing Balderdash.
(Balderdash is a board game of bluffing and trivia) Haven't played it yet? Seriously, give it a try at your next dinner party!

Well, one of the words to define was this: Whoopknacker. It means someone loud. Guess who that might be???? ME! As if I don't already have enough nicknames, what's another one? There were some other good ones that night too......... like Gongoozler.

Now when I go to look up these words, I find much different definitions, especially on urban dictionary. Go ahead. You know you are curious now.

Now on to the what.......... yep. Everyday in the month of April I have sat down in front of the computer and thought about WHAT I was going to post for that day, for that letter. A lot of times, I came up blank. Something would happen during the day, or someone would say something that tickled my funny bone and then I was in business.

But most days? I have no stinkin idea WHAT to post, let alone how cleverly I can do it. So your mission is this, should you choose to accept it. I need something for X and Y. I have Z already. I know you will come up with something great! Can't wait to hear WHAT it is!

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Sylvia Ney said...

Wonderful post! I'm so glad I found your blog! I'm stopping by from the A to Z challenge and I look forward to visiting again.