April 9, 2011



is for HeeHaw/Henry the 8th

What else could I possibly put for the letter H? I know I have beaten this subject like a dead horse, but that isn't stopping me from doing it again!
Henry the 8th
Heehaw has some very similar qualities to this man. He is selfish, two faced, single minded and has a wandering eye.
I am sure that given the power and ability to rule like Henry did, HeeHaw would behead just as many people.

Even though I am no longer this man's wife, I will have to deal with him on a regular basis for at least the next 6 years. That in itself is enough to make me want to bury my head in the sand.
Henry the 8th will always put himself first. He is all about the instant gratification, doing whatever it takes to get what he wants.

That's where this comes in:  
HeeHaw has so many jackass qualities, I'm not sure I have enough room here to list them all so I will just give you my favorites....... insert heavy sarcasm.

Single minded
Narrow minded
Two faced
Wishy washy

To HeeHaw, you must be cool, say the right thing, hang out with the right people, and be the head of your house. To him, if you want something, you will beg/borrow/steal to make sure you get it and everything else be damned. HeeHaw is incapable of having any grace or understanding for those different then he is, or who believe something that goes against what he believes in.
He has little tolerance for the silly/goofy/fun things that can happen spontaneously.

Now that Heehaw is getting married this becomes someone else's problem. Thank goodness. Now that I have the proverbial monkey off my back, I am free to be me.

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CHB said...

Dang Jo - I hate how you always mince your words! :)