June 26, 2009

Strawberry Festival 2009

Love love love it! Every year, with the exception of one, I have made it to the parade since moving to this town. they close off like 10 blocks of the main drag and floats, bands, dangerette's and local businesses march on down the road. Some pass out candy, give high 5's, spray whip cream in your mouth or just wave hello. I mean, how often can you lay out in the middle of the road?

Doodle is still very excited and has a great time at the parade. Lil C, not so much. I am even surprised he wanted to go this year at all.

I wave at every float, princess and parade royalty car that passes by. I, as you can see below, get my picture with pirates, dance the Macarena and Chicken Dance with the best of them.

The parade is supposed to be fun right? There are those fuddy duddy's who think coming to the parade is for the kids only. Well, they are wrong! You should have fun no matter how OLD you are. Age is just a number not a state of mind.

Good times are had by all at the parade. It is fun to be a kid for a couple of hours and remember the things that as a kid were so much fun.


So I must start the story at the beginning instead of the end right? Last May, while at the Demo Derby at the speedway (picture redneck city) I got to meet ScurvyDog. The Pirates of Treasure Island were there sponsoring the 50/50 raffle. http://www.thepiratesoftreasureisland.com/

So as we sit there in the drizzle awaiting the start of the derby, he comes waltzing by. Of course I had to get my picture with him!

Now when we were at the Demo Derby this May, no Pirates of Treasure Island. No 50/50 raffle. What the heck right? I have made it my mission to every year be photographed with ScurvyDog and now he is not here?

Well fast forward in the story to June of 2009. Strawberry Festival Parade. Low and behold, who do I see coming down main street towards me? ScurvyDog!!! I drop my camera in CHB's lap and race in to the middle of the road to get my picture taken with him. Now mind you, he has no recollection of me...... so sad.

I hope to be able to start a mini photo album of all the pictures. What do you think? Do I sound like a stalker yet?

June 22, 2009


How quickly the view from my window can change in 24 hours. My last post now seems miles away emotionally. I think it is possible I may only be allowed a certain amount of good fortune at once before the big bad universe pulls the reigns and says "whoa".

Maybe Mother Nature or Karma or someone/thing is trying to tell me to open my eyes. Things are NOT what they seem and don't give other people an inch because they will always take a mile.

Seems like I still have some "growing up" to do. These rose colored glasses I am wearing (let's be clear, I wasn't aware I had them on) make me want to believe that people are what they say they are and will do what they say they will do. Not the case.

Well, lessons are being learned here every day so listen up universe! I can only handle ONE life lesson at a time so slow down would ya?

June 19, 2009

Rain on the window and I'm so.....

HAPPY! I know the song says I should be lonely but we are talking RAIN here! 29 days with no precipitation! We tied a 20 something year old record with that. Allergies have been bad, and I am certainly not the worst affected by far. CHB's daughter has it BAD. Swollen itchy red eyes, constant congestion and the coughing. She spent the night a few days ago and woke up hacking at like 2:30 in the morning. I have just recently come in to allergies and I thank my lucky stars that I don't have anywhere NEAR what she goes through. This is why we live in the Pacific Northwest. The rain keeps us balanced out. For her, I am doing the rain dance today in happiness!
Now, it just needs to stop raining by noon tomorrow so we can enjoy our hometown parade. I look forward to this every year. Of course I will share with you soon all the fun that you know will be had.

June 18, 2009

1 sprained wrist, 1 bruised elbow and 1 LARGE dose of aspirin later:

As we wind down the Girl Scout year, we are doing all the "fun" things the girls voted on. These are the rewards they chose for themselves with all the cookie money the troop earned. Off to the local ice arena for a 2 hour skate session.

First off, helmets and a lesson on how to fall gracefully.

Now on to the ice!

Everything was going really well for the first hour. The girls were having a great time!

So proud of this girl! She was really nervous to get on the ice and she conquered her fear enough to skate one time around with no hands on the wall! Great job!
Some of the girls really took to the ice, others not so much. So as the first hour turns in to the second, the injuries commence. One of the girl was taken out by a skater receiving a hockey lesson. Landed on her elbow, which immediately started to swell, and her arm was scraped as she went down by the other skaters blade.

Accident reports, ice packs and several tissues later, off she went with mom to the doctor. Not even 15 minutes later, another of our girls lands hard on her elbow which also starts to swell rapidly. As we get everyone off the ice and get them something to eat, this girl leaves with her mom to the doctor as well.

No, I didn't take any pictures of the injuries. Geez! Needless to say, both girls are fine thank goodness! Elbow is not fractured or broken and the wrist was only sprained. Whew! We are not going ice skating with the girls again unless they all wear this:

Think I can convince them?

Long time no see.........

I realize it has been a while since I posted and I decided it was time to get my booty in to gear and let you all know what we have been up to!

Doodle's bday was on Saturday, DOUBLE DIGITS! I can't believe it! Right before my eyes she is growing up and there is nothing I can do to stop it.......... Thanks to all the budding photographers there I now have a very "complete" picture library of the day!

What birthday is complete without 12 of your closest friends for a skating party?

Presents and cake and good time had by ALL the kids!

All in all a great party! happy Birthday my sweet girl. I love you.

June 12, 2009

Why should I care?

Why is it that some people more than most have the ability to get under your skin? You know that they are going to irritate you and so you tell yourself that you can do better than this. You can be nice to them. You can let the stupid things they say roll off your back, you can ignore their rudeness and you can tolerate their lack to see anyone else other than themselves.

AND THEN THEY WALK IN THE DOOR. All bets are now off right? How may times has this happened to you? Got a cure or a "fix it"? Please, I beg you. Help me. There has got to be something that will work to stop me from seeing this red haze every time this person comes in to contact with me. Thanks for listening.........

June 10, 2009

Bridging Part Two

So of course it went fine! What did you think I was going to say? That I tripped on my way to the stage, fell down with my butt in the air, tried to walk gracefully to the podium where I proceeded to stutter and not be able to give my speech at all? Shows how much you know!

Now, hindsight being the 20/20 that it is, I thought of about 20 more things I should have said but in the end all is well that ends well! Thanks for all the "well wishers" who offered to throw tomatoes at me, bring the cowbell or the bull horn to show their support. You never cease to amaze me. Here is a copy of the speech:

***After a welcome, my name and what we were here for:
I often wonder how much each girls family, friends, classmates or teachers know how much time and effort these girls put in to be standing here today. Whether at the Daisy or Cadettes and Senior level, these fine ladies have made the commitment to better their community, be a sister to every Girl Scout and become the leaders of tomorrow. So let us take a moment to recognize them and applaud all the hard work they have done.

Now a huge thank you to the leaders of these girls. Who give of their time, energy and effort to support the girls in their troop. These women guide and nurture the girls, and without them, most of the requirements that needed to be met in order to be here today would not happen. Meeting planning, budget crunching, patch ordering, camp organizing and so much more. Most of these women also hold a service unit team position, not to mention have families of their own. SO thank you, for all that you do and what you represent.

As each girl crosses the bridge and is met by a sister scout, she is committing to another year to be her best. To another year of leadership, another year of cultivating relationships in the community where she lives. I am looking forward to watching these girls and what they can do. As leaders, we are given the opportunity to inspire these girls to lead with courage confidence and character. I find more often than not, they inspire and amaze me by showing everyone that there is nothing they cannot do!

***** A closing and a passing of the torch to the gal in charge and I was done!

June 9, 2009


Today I am charged with preparing the opening speech for the 2009 Girl Scout Bridging ceremony for our town. Girls will bridge up to the next level for all age groups. Normally, I have no problem with public speaking. However, in this instance, I am feeling the stage fright.

It is not just any speech we are giving here. There will be several leaders, older girl scouts and assorted people's in attendance who have been to WAY more ceremonies than I, and I really don't want to get up there and say something stupid! Or forget to mention the most important reasons for being there.

I am confident about my abilities to talk in front of groups of people. Let's face it, I have the gift of gab. I just don't want to disappoint. How long should I go on for? What if I wax too sentimental or go the polar opposite and in monotone just give the facts?

Good grief! So many things can go wrong here. Technical difficulties I can handle: I don't really need a microphone as I can more than project my voice to the entire place! Don't you hate when you have something important to say and you get tongue tied? What if people get bored and start yawning? In all seriousness I know that if I falter there will be several people there I can lean on but when it is "your job" I feel the pressure. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

June 8, 2009

Graduation '09

So it was the college graduation of CHB's stepdaughter Amber. She just completed the nursing program at our local college and we had to celebrate!

Dave and Sue, CHB's parents, housed the party at their house:

The day turned out to be sunny after all: CHB and I had shoved the kids out to the backyard at her parent's place to set up lawn chairs and the volleyball net.

As you can see, the boys were working WAY harder than the girls!! CHB and I were in the kitchen with her mom, Sue, setting up the remainder of the food and all the fixings. Dave was out getting the grill ready for the hamburgers and hotdogs. We were all anxiously awaiting the arrival of the graduate!

Along with her came her significant other, Lot, her mother and grandmother.

Time to eat:

What a spread! Of course I am highlighting the watermelon baskets I made........ toot toot goes my horn! (Anything for CHB!)

The kids had a great time with the volleyball and generally running around:

Good food, great company:

Great Grandma time.

Cookies. Need I say more?

Congrats Amber! Everyone is so proud of you!