June 22, 2009


How quickly the view from my window can change in 24 hours. My last post now seems miles away emotionally. I think it is possible I may only be allowed a certain amount of good fortune at once before the big bad universe pulls the reigns and says "whoa".

Maybe Mother Nature or Karma or someone/thing is trying to tell me to open my eyes. Things are NOT what they seem and don't give other people an inch because they will always take a mile.

Seems like I still have some "growing up" to do. These rose colored glasses I am wearing (let's be clear, I wasn't aware I had them on) make me want to believe that people are what they say they are and will do what they say they will do. Not the case.

Well, lessons are being learned here every day so listen up universe! I can only handle ONE life lesson at a time so slow down would ya?


Lisa said...

Like I always say, "The glas is only 1/2 full" :) Me luv u loooonnng time!

Amber said...

Just keep swimming! This too shall pass. Sending you patience vibes! Unless of course you don't need them. ;o)