October 31, 2012

An excercise in breathing.........

Today is going to be an interesting day.

Today is Halloween. And while I am excited to pass out candy, and to see all the little kids come to the door with their costumes on, and hear the smallest yet most adorable ones try and say Trick or Treat, today represents something else.

Today, PB and I will drive down to his doctor's office. Where we will sit and wait, I more patiently than PB. When his name is called, we will march back to his doctor's corner. We will be sat down and told the results of yet another scan.

The scan he had done last week. The scan that will tell us what the state of his innards is like.

I am anxious.

The last scan we got? Back in June? I didn't share the results with you. We were busy trying to have a fun summer and I didn't want to think about it.

The last scan was hard. PB didn't want me to go with him. In total honesty, I respected and resented that decision. Mentally, I understand it. Emotionally? Fuck you, right?

When he got home, he gave me the results right away. And they were: 50/50. 50% of the cancer is being attacked. 50% is not.

Ok. I let out the breath I didn't know I had been holding....... ok. We can work with this. The doctors told him to continue on the same path we have been on for the last 6 months.

And we have.

And now we get the results from the scan.


And I am feeling nervous. I am sure it is nothing compared to what PB is feeling. I am sure it pales in comparison to the emotions raging through his body, his mind, his heart.

I feel like covering my eyes. Like I do when it's a scary or grotesque movie. And I wait until the bad part is over before I open them again. Whatever the results are, we face them head on. I can only think positively. I refuse to think otherwise.

But the anxiety creeps in. It can't be stopped. I will be practicing a lot of deep breathing today. Breathe with me, ok?

October 30, 2012

It all started with a Marshmallow...........




CHB and I decided to have a fondue night with our families. We planned out the menu, shopped for all the ingredients, and set a time.

We prepped all the ingredients, did a LOT of chopping, and finally sat down to enjoy our meal.

We had an Italian Cheese Fondue

We had a Beef Roux.........

 And more choices for dipping than we knew what to do with!!! Beef, pretzels, 3 different kinds of bread, lil smokies,
Lots of veggies....... Broccoli, cauliflower, asparagus, mushrooms,


Here we are, all of our sticks fighting for space in the fondue pot. Reaching over each other.......

Mmmmm.... cheesy fondue!

Doodle and PIA  

PIA and Buchwacker

PB and I

After we gorged on all those delicious items, we had to clear the table, clean up the fondue pots, and prep for dessert.

CHB made chocolate fondue and it was SUPER good! Not to be outdone by dinner, we had several things lined up for dipping in chocolate:

Gummy Bears
Pound Cake
Large Marshmallows

We all came back to the table, even though we were full, and started dipping away. And then things took a turn.

Here is PIA, who made a mustache of chocolate!

So of course Doodle had to do it too!

And then CHB got me! With my mouth full!  

But the best part of the night? 

When Buchwhacker started shoving things in his nose...... (as you can see in my picture above) It all started with a marshmallow.....  

Then he "down sized" to a gummy bear.......... 

Or two, or three.........

Then the kids caught on. Here is HOW proudly displaying her gummy bears with her dad.  

PIA and Doodle decided to have a Chubby Bunny contest........ 

See PIA trying not to laugh? And Doodle concentrating on holding those marshmallows in.......


Double Ewwwwww

We had a ton of laughs, a ton of food and a ton of fun! You can only fondue THIS way with people you know VERY well! Can't wait to do it again!

October 17, 2012

Pinterest Reveal #4

Back with yet another installment of Pinterest Reveals.......

I have been wanting to make a coffee filter wreath for MONTHS. I found ALL kinds of inspiration all over Pinterest. I bought all the supplies 6 weeks ago and finally sat down a week ago and got it done.

Here was the "Pinspiration" I found:

I knew I didn't want a white one, and I didn't want a brown one. So I thought about it for a while and figured a way around it. I'm crafty like that.

I opted for a flattened Styrofoam circle, instead of the tubing every one else uses. I wanted to be different.

Purchased a pack of coffee filters at the dollar store.

My "secret" ingredient

A true crafter has a VAT of these on hand..........

Thanks CHB for letting me borrow your "hot glue gun plate". Genius.

Watch how I did my "secret" technique...........

A quarter of the way through, I MADE PB take this pic of me. When I started this project, I had spread my supplies all over the counter top. He rolled his eyes. He NEVER trusts the process. At least he knows enough to say it looks great when I'm done......

And, drum roll please????

Here is the completed wreath! I love love love it!

It turned out even BETTER than I expected! Woot woot! Another Pinterest success!

October 11, 2012

Bargain shopping, no coupon needed

CHB calls me yesterday right after I got to work. She has fantastic news. Wait for it............

The Albertson's (grocery store to the rest of you) in town (one of 2) is going out of business, she says. Everything is 75% off! Wha??? OMG I am there.

Shit shit shit. I am still at work. How the hell am I going to pull this off? Oh yeay! Today is my half day! I did the happy dance and jumped up and down, inside my head of course. Helloooooooooo I AM a professional.

I passed the info along to Moxie as well. So, as soon as I got off work, I hit the door running. I grabbed Doodle from school, hit the potty, and raced to the store.

It was a zoo. Thankfully, with Doodle there, I was able to shop while she looked for a cart.

Most of the aisles were 75-85% empty by the time I got there and most of the perishables and frozen foods were gone. So, I got the cereal I wanted, and headed over to the household goods section.

Motherload! This was better than sitting at home, tediously clipping, filing, organizing and storing coupons! I quickly filled up my cart with all the toothpaste, shampoo, make-up, household cleaner, body soap, kitchen soap, laundry detergent and hairspray that I thought I could use in the next 12 months.

There were a few items in the store that caught me off guard. Stuff I swear I have never seen there before. Maybe that's because the shelves were always full? I don't know. What I can tell you is this: being a woman of a "certain" age, and having to deal with the monthly visit from Aunt Flo, I certainly thought this container was cute:

And a bargain, when you consider the original cost was $5.49. With 75% off, it could have been mine for the low low low price of $1.37. I really didn't care how cute it was. I will proudly stuff my tampons and pantyliner in my pocket and march to that bathroom with my head held high. Well, at least until ChaCha markets and launches the Female Personal Hygiene suitcase.

Back to my loot: I got Halloween candy, sports drinks for the boys and enough Tide pods to last me a while. CHB had been at the store earlier, and this was her cart:

Moxie and I had loaded our carts up, and we got in line. And waited, and waited, and waited. Total time in line? 1 hour, 15 minutes.

See that empty shelf behind me? That was what most of the store looked like. It was kinda weird........

At one point, I actually heard one of the more cranky shoppers ask if the people in the "Self Checkout" line had less than 10 items. It took all my patience not to turn around and say "bitch, please".  Its not MY fault you got here late and therefore have a next to empty basket.

We FINALLY get wrung up, load up our bags and get the hell out of there. Here is Moxie with her loaded down cart and receipt.

Funny thing about this picture? This lady followed us out of the store to get our cart, since there were none left to use in the store.

Even funnier? 3 other people asked us on the way to the car if they could have our cart. You should have seen the looks of disgust/envy/barely contained rage for the woman following us as Moxie and I politely told everyone that our cart was spoken for.

Moxie and I with our receipts. Mine is taller than I am! (A fact I am strangely proud of.............)

When I got home, I unloaded ALL my goodies out on the counter. Grouped by like kind and quality, I took up almost my entire kitchen counter. Can you say SCORE? 

I was very happy with my purchases, and I found a place to put it all away! I was super worried I would have to roll around with the extras in the back of my car for 6-9 months.........

I bought some things I normally wouldn't. So far, my favorites are:

NUT-trition (lol) and Skinny Water. Today's afternoon snack!

October 9, 2012

Homo. Bingo. Yes, you read that correctly.

Last week, CHB sent me a link to an event. I checked it out, and decided I NEEDED to be there. CHB got her people together, I got my people together and with the click of a mouse, all the tickets where purchased online.

Saturday night rolled around, and we headed out to the event. Here is Bushwacker and his daughter Amber. Not quite sure what they have gotten themselves in to, as this sign is posted outside.

CHB, Buchwacker and Amber arrive before PB, Moxie and I (no surprise there) and save us a few seats. We lay out all of our good luck charms and CHB snaps a few shots.

This event is in support of the SnoGlobe Equality Alliance of Snohomish County. A great organization that "supports Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgendered and Questioning youth, adults and allies."

As we settle in for Bingo, I am too busy watching "Ethel" ( the 3 gay guys running the show) and laughing to take pictures. Thank goodness CHB and Amber did!

Bushwacker taking advantage of the table decorations.........

Buchwackers son Kris, and his girlfriend Christie with a marriage proposal........

Buchwacker proudly displaying his new tshirt! PB wanted one as well, but they didn't have his size.

Amber's bingo card......... doesn't look promising.

PB and I entered the raffle drawing and came home with two matted, framed prints of Brice Canyon in Arizona! They are absolutely gorgeous!

Also in attendance that night was a rep from the Referendum 74 campaign. Here in WA we are working to pass legislation so same sex couples can be married.

A few weeks ago CHB got online and ordered our "Approve 74" bumper stickers. They came in the mail right after we attended SnoHomo Bingo, so this past weekend I FINALLY cleaned off my back window and slapped my sticker on there!

Yeah baby! Next up? Figure out how I can volunteer my time on the R74 campaign before the upcoming election.