October 29, 2013

Mid week fun, just us girls.

Wednesday night. Doodle and I. GirlzTime.
Let me start from the beginning.
In May, I got tickets for MM and I to see a band at a local venue. Unfortunately with MM having to go out of country, he was not able to attend with me. So, I asked Doodle if she wanted to go and she said YES!
She was so excited, and as the day got closer and closer she had a countdown on her Facebook timeline. Months before the show she had purchased all their music and was jamming out to it all the time.  
So here it is, 445pm in the afternoon. We make our way from Mtown to Seattle. We knew we would hit traffic around the University district, so we had made a plan. Stop and get something to eat, and wait for traffic to go away.
It was only 530pm, so we decided to hit one of our favorite novelty shops first. 
Stop One: 
It is SERIOUSLY awesome!  
We browsed through the store, got some more mustache trinkets to add to our ever growing collection.
Stop Two:
A couple of blocks, down the hill to Dick's.
 A Seattle institution. Since the closest one to our house is still about 30 minutes away, we don't get there very often so we imbibe when we can.

After our burgers, fries and shakes, we got back in the car to drive the rest of the way. Found our location, saw the line that was snaking around the building.
Stop Three:
Krispy Kreme Doughnuts
We were disappointed that the assembly line was not running, but we enjoyed the 80's music with our maple bars.

We park around the corner, make our way to the front of the building and get inside.
Final Destination:
Standing in line, and then again inside, made me feel VERY old. This was an all ages show, and I would guess that 90% of the crowd was between 18-21 years old.
We get in line for t-shirts. Doodle spots a friend from school, who we beg to snap a picture of us, then we snag our swag and get ready to watch the show.

Here is Doodle modeling her WTM tshirt. I got one for MM too, since he couldn't be there.

Two opening bands....
The first one was ok. They wouldn't let cameras in for this show (well at least not my kind, that has a detachable lens, so we had cell phone cameras to work with) so we got a pic of them but it was super blurry.
Next band was the Mowgli's. They were great! Sounded just as good live as they do on their cd.

Then after a 35 minute wait, out comes Walk the Moon!
If you have yet to discover their super awesomeness, you can check them out here:
Awesome right?????
UHM, TOTALLY WORTH the wait! They were awesome sauce! Such great energy and so appreciative of their fans!
Doodle is now 2 or maybe even 3 inches taller than me, she snapped most of the pics and what you see are the best ones.
When the show finally ended, about 1130 at night, Doodle and I were tired, had ringing ears, and grins across our faces! SO much fun with my girl! And she totally enjoyed herself!
If you want to see some pics from the official Flicker page from the Showbox, see THESE
I opted for the buttons instead of a tshirt. Besides, I wanted the one Doodle picked out LOL! Didn't want to have the same one.

We had such a GREAT time, but I will remember a few things for our next show there:
Dress in the most comfortable shoes I own (since its standing room only)
If I come with someone over the age of 21, I will totes get a table in the back at the bar and sit there during the show. Being only 5 feet tall meant a lot of craning my neck to see over the people in front of me. Which resulted in a sore neck for 2 days. Maybe I am getting old.....
Don't bring a coat. It gets hot as hell in that place. Doodle and I watched a young gal faint in front of us, and this big burly security guard picked her up like she weighed all of 2 pounds and hauled her off.
Keep an eye out for the drunk parents. Do NOT make conversation with them. They want to be your "friend". Ugh
People in Seatown have a WAY different idea of personal hygiene then I do. Note to self: put some good 'ole Mentholatum inside my nose. Then I wont smell the B.O.
Concert tickets $58.90
Trinkets at Archie's $18
Dinner at Dicks $11
Krispy Kreme's $4
A super awesome time with my girl? PRICELESS

October 21, 2013

Did I really just give up 15 minutes for that?

This weekend while snuggled under the blankets in the living room, in the middle of the afternoon, I saw some very interesting things on the boob tube. I was watching a Sex in the City marathon, something I don't get to do very often.
Anyways, I swear every other commercial was an infomercial for one of two things.
The first? The Perfect Bacon Bowl, you can check it out HERE

You can use it for SO many things! Bun-free cheeseburgers, salads, appetizers, chocolate dipped and filled with ice cream. The possibilities are endless!
As I sat there watching it, I thought to myself "Of course you WANT one of those"...... and then the practical side kicked in.
I have perfectly good muffin tins and tin foil. I can make my own. DUH!
I can save myself the $14.95, the shipping and handling, AND talking with someone who is undoubtedly outside of the good 'ole USA
So, while I had to continue to see the commercial every 10 minutes for the next few hours, I knew it was not going to be on my Christmas shopping list.
This next one totally boggles me. 
Twist Ease.
You can check it out HERE
The question ought to be "Why would you WANT to?"
They are advertising it as having the latest trends in hair without having to take the time or effort to actually braid your own hair.
And how these different colors will match ANYONE'S hair color.
Yeah RIGHT.No thanks. I can braid my hair the old fashioned way and twist it and pin it myself.
I cant be the only person that finds some of these things that they advertise ridiculous, can I?
Spill it, what good infomercials have you seen lately? Which is your favorite?

October 17, 2013

Reality Check

Today, a friend of mine posted this on her facebook wall:
I was intrigued as to what it had t say, so I read it.
And immediately started crying. At my desk. At WORK. Awesome.
This was so MUCH MORE than the original post. It was all the comments that came in to the writer, John Scalzi, in response to his post.
It took me back to how I felt about "being poor" after I got divorced. Talk about first world problems. It was nothing compared to what some people endure. Sure, I went without a lot. But my kids had a roof over their heads, food in their tummies, and a safe place to be.
This post made me realize, I am so fortunate for the things I have. I am thankful for my good health, and the good health of my children.
Let me NEVER take for granted what I am able to provide to my kids. For it is so much more than others are able to do.
Be grateful for what you have. And if you have the good fortune to be able to, PAY IT FORWARD. Without strings or judgement attached.

October 10, 2013

Soaking up the sun........

With Fall upon us, I thought the chitlins and I would get out in the last few rays of sun to snap a few photos. Lil C did NOT want to go, Doodle on the other hand was ALL over it!
A coupe of weekends ago, when the rain was coming sideways, and I was hauling MM's stuff to storage, I crossed over this set of train tracks MANY times.
I kept thinking to myself how AWESOME of a spot this would be to get some photos.......
So, yesterday we did just that! 
My camera needs a cleaning for sure, as all of them turned out blurry. UGH.
Guess what I am doing tonight? Cleaning said camera.
However, thanks to the wonders of technology, my iPhone caught some good ones.
Happy Fall!

October 8, 2013

A pair of tweezers, a little laugh, and a coming of age moment

As you know, Doodle is a Freshman in High School this year.

I wanted to give her the same experience my mom gave me the week before I entered the halls of 9th grade.

Mom and I had been shopping over the month of August for school clothes. But she had saved the best for last. The weekend before school started, Mom took me to the mall. To the make-up counter. I had my eye brows waxed, I had my make up professionally applied, and was given a chart to show me how to do it when I got home. I got my hair cut too. So, I felt very pampered and adult, ready for High School!

Due to lack of time, Doodle and I did not accomplish all of our goal that weekend before school started. We got the school clothes, we dyed and cut her hair, we had all the school supplies.

But NO eye brow waxing, and NO make up.

Fast forward 3 weeks. Doodle ran an errand with me, and while we were sitting in the car, waiting for the person I was meeting to arrive, she started talking about the eye brow waxing. I told her I would take her on her next weekend at my house. She was starting to notice that she was getting a uni brow, and for SURE did not want that!

So I gave her my small purse mirror, and a pair of tweezers (because I always carry those with me) and told her to give plucking a whirl.

She tentatively puts the tweezers up to her eye brows, grabs a hair and yanks. OUCH she says. Her eyes water a little bit, but she is determined to make head way.She yanks, again and again, and every time, she grimaces and says OUCH.

I am sitting watching her and laughing. I can't help it! Its such a rite of passage, and I was glad I could be there to witness it.

The area between her two eye brows was getting redder and redder, and the more hair she pulled out, the more horrified her expression got, as if she was thinking "I've been walking around with this much hair and NOBODY told me?"

As I sat there laughing so hard I almost peed my pants, I reminded her that we would be taking care of the HAIR issue the upcoming weekend.

I can't wait to see how she reacts to having the eye brow hair forcibly yanked from her face ALL AT ONCE! I doubt she will let me bring in the camera..........

Of course we will have to have the discussion about how NOT to pluck or wax your brows. Until she has that mastered? We will leave the job to the professionals. I for sure don't want her eyebrows to look like this:

October 3, 2013

September 2013 Wrap up

Its been a crazy three weeks around here........
After we got the first week of school under our belt, spent some time hanging out with CHB and her extended family. This is what happens after you down 3 bottles of Lemon Chiffon Cupcake Vodka. No, not by myself. And yes, NEVER again. .
Mz Thang painted my nails the next day. She did such a great job!

Some mother/son time at Dairy Queen enjoying a frozen treat. Even though he has been on my shit list lately, who could turn down a buy one, get for 99 cents?

My boss and I celebrated my birthday a little late this year...... this was the bag my present came in. Detachable mustaches! LOVE it!

During ladies night at my house, CHB was sitting on the floor, looking up at poor Angus. Trying to find PROOF of growth on his slight limbs. So she switched the flashlight on her iPhone and voila! Everyone was up to capture the shadows!

Moxie, NappyTabs and I had a crafting night. NappyTabs took these:

Some of this:

A LOT of using this:

Plus a $2 frame from the Goodwill. Yanked out the glass and the ugly picture, covered with cloth and stuck back in the frame.
And made THIS! So cute right? Of course we found it on Pinterest....... It's going to look so awesome above her fireplace!

Moxie and I did a different project. Wine corks, Styrofoam ball, Reindeer moss and hot glue?

Looks funny huh?

And BAM! Isn't that awesome! Moxie and I saw these made by someone at the local farmers market and of course had to try it ourselves!

I hung mine in the "WINE" corner. Where I have the cork frame, jute twine wine bottles and now THIS!

The next day. Moxie helped me get all of MM's stuff in to the storage unit and out of my garage so I can park his car in there. 2 full car loads EACH, in the pouring down rain, but we got it done!

I also hung up my wine calendar (no, I don't have a problem) and marked off the days that have passed since MM left.
Got the house decorated for Fall/Halloween. Sat down to enjoy a nice glass of Shiraz as I FINALLY put my feet up at the end of a long weekend!