October 8, 2013

A pair of tweezers, a little laugh, and a coming of age moment

As you know, Doodle is a Freshman in High School this year.

I wanted to give her the same experience my mom gave me the week before I entered the halls of 9th grade.

Mom and I had been shopping over the month of August for school clothes. But she had saved the best for last. The weekend before school started, Mom took me to the mall. To the make-up counter. I had my eye brows waxed, I had my make up professionally applied, and was given a chart to show me how to do it when I got home. I got my hair cut too. So, I felt very pampered and adult, ready for High School!

Due to lack of time, Doodle and I did not accomplish all of our goal that weekend before school started. We got the school clothes, we dyed and cut her hair, we had all the school supplies.

But NO eye brow waxing, and NO make up.

Fast forward 3 weeks. Doodle ran an errand with me, and while we were sitting in the car, waiting for the person I was meeting to arrive, she started talking about the eye brow waxing. I told her I would take her on her next weekend at my house. She was starting to notice that she was getting a uni brow, and for SURE did not want that!

So I gave her my small purse mirror, and a pair of tweezers (because I always carry those with me) and told her to give plucking a whirl.

She tentatively puts the tweezers up to her eye brows, grabs a hair and yanks. OUCH she says. Her eyes water a little bit, but she is determined to make head way.She yanks, again and again, and every time, she grimaces and says OUCH.

I am sitting watching her and laughing. I can't help it! Its such a rite of passage, and I was glad I could be there to witness it.

The area between her two eye brows was getting redder and redder, and the more hair she pulled out, the more horrified her expression got, as if she was thinking "I've been walking around with this much hair and NOBODY told me?"

As I sat there laughing so hard I almost peed my pants, I reminded her that we would be taking care of the HAIR issue the upcoming weekend.

I can't wait to see how she reacts to having the eye brow hair forcibly yanked from her face ALL AT ONCE! I doubt she will let me bring in the camera..........

Of course we will have to have the discussion about how NOT to pluck or wax your brows. Until she has that mastered? We will leave the job to the professionals. I for sure don't want her eyebrows to look like this:

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