May 28, 2009

Camping Tooth Fairy

Guess what? The tooth fairy comes to the campsite just like she comes to your house! "H.O.W" lost a tooth on Sunday night.

After some pulling, by her dad with pliers, the tooth that was hanging on by a thread came out.
Isn't she the cutest? I know, she is not my kid. I know that I love her like my own and that CHB loves mine like her own. I love this picture of her because, after we got the corn on the cob out of her hair, she let me tuck her hair out of the way so I could see her WHOLE face. Love it! Eating it up with a spoon right now!


So I am reading the "Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood". I have seen bits and pieces of the movie here and there, so I thought I would enjoy reading the book. I am about 1/2 way through, and I find myself jealous that I don't have a Ya-Ya language.

I have the BEST girlfriends anyone could ask for, Rocket Scientist, Moxie Crimefighter, Spice Rack and Dixie Dot. But do we have our own special language? What would we call our Petite Ya-Ya-s? 'Hood-lings? Does that make us the 'Hood-mama's? Or the 'Hood-ies? Why doesn't our gang of peeps have a name? Do we really need one? Or am I so caught up in the secret language and bond between these characters in the story that I feel we should have one?

I love the "scrapbook" from the Ya-Ya's...... should I be saving stuff like they did? Should someone be writing down these stories that we keep retelling so they don't get lost? I have been saying for a while now that I wanted to start a scrapbook for me: and I think this is what I will do! Yes! Now I am on a mission! All those parties that are "locked" up inside the camera are coming out! I will post the first page, once I get it done, so you can see it.......

May 27, 2009

Grown up fun

Every camping trip involves some grown up fun, otherwise what is the point? So I must share with you.....

Ever though I am not a "Certified Banana Handler" like Indian Princess, I do enjoy trying my hand at it. Here are my latest efforts:


May 26, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend

The car was packed, the cooler full of food, Bubba Keg AND the kids in tow we headed out of town. Not too far away, but just enough to feel like it. We pull in to the site (holy cow these sites are tiny) and start the arduous process of unloading the car. Yuck and double yuck!

This was our home for the next three days.......... ah camping.

It is amazing how much crap we can bring along just to sleep in the woods for a few days!

Isn't my new tent awesome? It is the red one......... All the kids slept in it and the adults were in the green one and that worked out well. The kids liked it for sure!
Round 1 with the smores. Special ingredient this time? Carmel marshmallows! Yummy!

What camping trip is complete without smores? As the night wore on and the kids were getting ready for bed, Stands with Wood stoked the fire. I really enjoy being around the fire with good friends, spicy beverage (in the Bubba keg) and great conversation.

This year I got something that makes camping even better. Every year when we go camping we make "Stallbucks" coffee. I bring my 12 cup coffee pot from home, haul it to the bathroom at the campground, wait while it brews, impatiently might I add, then haul the pot and the carafe back to our site without spilling a drop. Behold the Coleman Camping Drip Coffee Maker. Isn't it beautiful?

Indian Princess works for the coffee giant and we are kept in good coffee when we camp.

Here is my fellow coffee consumer on a "bright and chipper" morning.

And with the added ingredient (Bailey's) it was shaping up to be a great day!

Days at the Bowman Bay: kids digging in the sand, wading in the water, running around.

Aren't the 'hood-lings cute? We also visited the Estuary center and Washington Park. good times were had by all!

May 22, 2009

Short timer's disease

I have it. A full blown case. I can't even concentrate on the work I should be doing. I am ready for 3 days away and well deserved. I want to sit around the campfire, with CHB and her hubby, drinking some kind of spicy beverage and enjoying the sunshine and campfire smoke smell.

the kids will run and play amongst themselves, finding all kinds of "nature" to enjoy while we sit and relax. Camping for me is a vacation. This is what I do. I don't go stay in some fancy hotel in some far away place, not like I could afford it anyway. This is my one opportunity a year to get in touch with my redneck side and I LOVE it!!!

Peace out! I am incommunicado for 4 days!

Catch up


Soccer game #2 of the week. Coach puts little girl back in the game. She and 2 other girls are the only ones who have not scored a goal so far this season. She starts out at wing, then coach changes her to forward. She is being aggressive and following through with each kick and the next thing you know, she scores a goal! Can you even stand it? I am so proud of her! I wish I could have captured the smile on her face: priceless.

This kid never ceases to amaze me! She can be so determined once she puts her mind to what she wants to achieve!

So we rush from the muddy soccer fields to the baseball field to catch Lil' C's game. It is already 1 hr in to it when we get there. Score is a not so friendly 9 to 6, in favor of the other team, when Lil' C takes the mound.

The team rallies back to an impressive 12-12 tie: and then the game is called for time. Suckage! What makes it even worse is the umpire is from THAT team, you know the one, and he did not make the best calls. I, of course, was sitting right next to the backstop so I made some not so friendly comments! What do I care? I don't like him and I am pretty sure the feeling is mutual.

Anyway........ the boys were disappointed but over all was a good effort on their part.


Migraine city. I was fighting it all day. I hate that. Then you take the migraine meds too late and it never seems to help. On top of all that, trying to pack for camping, Lil' C had another baseball game. The sun was shining, people were yelling and whistling and all that good stuff and my head was screaming. Lost the game, no energy to take pics, went home and had a hard time falling asleep. head was pounding as I laid down. Woke up Fri morning and it was gone! Thanks the stars!

May 20, 2009

Some people's kids......

I hate, hate, hate when someone ruins an ending for you. It is like being the last one to see the "in" movie and just as you get ready to see it, someone spoils it in their "excitement" to share it with you, and tells you exactly blow by blow how the movie goes. After you've just told them how you haven't seen it yet. Give me a break.........

By the time we got home from Bollywood dancing last night, finishing homework and getting things ready for the next day, kids in bed and I sit down to watch tv, it was already 9:40pm. I settle in to my favorite chair, curl up in my blanket to watch American Idol. (Yes, I am an Idol junkie and proud of it!) It was an ok night.......... kind of felt blah about the night. It is comparing two very different kinds of artists. We shall see what happens. My money is on Adam....... I am tired and decide to save the Dancing with the Stars finale for the next day.

So I get all ready for bed: teeth brushed, warm jammies on, and crawl in to bed. Turn the news on: I fall asleep to it or reading a book. I am almost asleep when the sports reporter comes on. And what are the next words I hear our of his mouth????? Shawn Johnson has just won Dancing with the Stars! (yep, still on the dvr.) Are you kidding me? Then I was mad that I had went to bed instead of staying up to watch it. Had I been on the Internet it was all over facebook too......... I was screwed no matter what! @%#&!!!

I have a life. This means that I am not in front of the tv exactly as the shows are rolling out..... I rely heavily on the dvr. At times it can be my best friend, sorry CHB! I don't get on the computer IMMEDIATELY after a finale, or something like that, to tell the ENTIRE WORLD what happened and then ruin it for them! Can't anyone wait until the next morning? Please? Ok, I am done. Thanks.

May 19, 2009

I think I can, I think I can.......

When little girl plays soccer, she is usually a defender or a wing. She is not the fastest but has the determination all the players do. So yesterday, after still being tired from Great Wolf, she is out there plugging away at wing.

Unbeknownst to me, she asks the coach to put her in at forward so she can score a goal. She never ceases to amaze me. Here she is asking for something that she wants. Where did she get this from? Anyway, our soccer season is almost over and she is one of maybe 4 girls that don't have a goal under their belt for spring soccer.

Coach agrees and lets her in. She transforms on the field. I am not kidding. She looks like she could eat these girls for breakfast! She is quick, with fancy footwork and is determined to get that circle of black and white in to the goal.

Now here is the part I would love to say: "GOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLL" however it was not in the cards. She was so close, even had a great kick but the goalie deflected it. Ah well, another game.

At the same time that we are celebrating her growth in skills, the coach lets us know that his daughter has been accepted to a select team and has agreed to play with them in the fall, so he will not be our coach anymore. This is sad news. He is so good with them. I wish his daughter the best of luck this fall and hope to be able to have him back as our coach one day.

May 18, 2009

Are we there yet?

12 girls, 5 adults and a 12 passenger van. Where could we be going you ask?

Were "going to the lodge, Great Wolf Lodge. They got lot's of everything for everyone. Going to the lodge, Great Wolf Lodge!"

4 barf bags, 17 overnight bags, 1 triple mocha and the cd case later: we take off. 25 "are we there yet's", one potty break and a cry of excitement as pull up to the Great Wolf Lodge, Grand Mound WA. What a treat this was! My girl scout troop sold over 4800 boxes of cookies and this is what they chose to do with the troop profit.
They could barely could contain their excitement: they could not get inside soon enough. After we checked in, you could feel the hum in the air as we loaded in the bags. Finally, we make it in to the water park. 84 degrees inside, and the strong smell of chlorine are no match for the girls' systems. All they can think of is FUN! WATER! WHERE SHOULD I GO FIRST?

I am sad at the small amount of pictures I was able to take inside the water park. There is water everywhere so I had to be extra careful when having my camera out.

Looks like they ALL had a great time to me!!! I bow to all the mom's who faithfully and tirelessly climbed all those stairs to get to the top, and then to ride down the Howling Tornado and not throw up at the bottom!

Way to go!

Here we all are in front of the MASSIVE fireplace in the main lobby.

Our trip ended so soon. I think I am sending them home pretty tired. I know I am. Hoarse, achy bones, ready to sleep in my own bed............

Sleep well...........

May 15, 2009

Choir cuties......

Last night was the choir concert, and this time, just our school. No more of this choir concert with the whole school district and the Nazi choir director. A couple of months ago there was a big event: all elementary and middle school choirs in our town got together for a song fest. Now there are like 11 k-5 schools and 3 middle schools. Each choir did 2 songs and then they had 2 numbers where EVERYONE sang together.

The director must have been compensating for his size because he was so controlling, definitely OCD. There was this laundry list of things you could not do when the kids where on stage: no flash photography (you may dazzle the kids on the bleachers and we would not want to have an accident) no cell phones, only leave your seat during a song break to use the restroom, and the list goes on.

So of course, the first thing I did was take out my camera and use some flash photography! I couldn't resist! Here is my shot from the front row of the gym seating:

Now this is only 1/2 the kids that were there. While Mr. Nazi Choir Director was explaining how we were to be a "good audience" the kids behind him were loud and talking. So he turns around, tells the Choir that he will wait until they are quiet before he continues. So we all sit there and wait. For the longest 3 minutes of my life!And the concert goes on and on and on and on and you get the picture. Maybe it is just me, but I really am not interested in hearing the other choirs and what they are singing. I am there to support my kid but MAN ALIVE! This concert went on forever! 2 hours and by then my butt was numb from sitting on the folding chairs..........

So anyway: back to the original reason for the post: Last night the concert was just our school. They did some great songs and even had a song they did sign language to. It was very touching.

This was the cutest song! "It was a duck, a duck in the dark!"

"Surfer Dude's say Woh...." (so cute: all the girls sing this line, and then the boys say "woh")
Of course these were the most adorable girls in the whole show:

All in all, a short (40 minute) and sweet concert! My favorite kind!

May 14, 2009

The Name of the Game

I know that as a parent, I should be happiest when my kids are trying their hardest at whatever sport they are playing, and that in the end winning or losing does not matter. Wrong! We had our second soccer game of the week. Of course it was pouring down rain and that means no pics.

So here we are: all huddled under umbrella's, multiple layers of clothing on, cheering on Purple Crush. As they take the field, already soaked to the bone, they get their first look at the orange team. Didn't ask, didn't care what their name was. All I know is that this team is also undefeated, like us, and that they are the team to beat. Of course it does not help that I know one of the mom's on the other team, and she has been talking a blue streak to anyone who will listen about how good their team is.

As the first half gets under way, we can see that the teams are pretty evenly matched skill wise, and that this will be a great game. A couple of minutes go by, and the other team gets a goal on us. At this point I am now thinking, "oh man, are we gonna lose?", all the while knowing that is the worst thought to be having.

We have an awesome coach who really shows the girls the fundamentals of the game and takes the time to explain it to them. Even during a game, he is there to explain and show them what to correct. Offsides is a big thing right now.

Anyway, I digress. The other team has just scored the first goal and now that we see how they are, we are not going to let that happen again right? Right! As the game wears on, we proceed to score 4 goals on them. At the end of the game, the girls are pumped, and wet! We are now the undefeated team to beat! As we drive home, CHB and I, with the girls in the back seat, proceed to gloat over the win. Even though her daughter plays for another team, they will be playing them soon. It felt SO good to have won! maybe tomorrow I will remember it is not about the winning or the losing........ here's to hoping!

May 13, 2009


What is going on here? A whole lot..........It always amazes me how we can go from 0 to drama in the space of one email. I love my girlfriends. They are the craziest bunch of gals you have ever met and each of them has their own unique personality. Look at how one email can send 4 out of 5 of us in to such a tizzy........
It went from heart palpitations, to an increased blood pressure, to wanting to pull your hair out, to sweet relief. It is amazing what happens when you assume. Yep, that's right. It makes an ass out of you AND me. You would think that as we vary in age from 31 to 40 we would have some life experience that could guide us every day. Nope. We like to keep it interesting! Here's to you ladies!

My NEW favorite thing, especially lately, is when people, who shall remain nameless, take what you say, and completely turn it in to something else. It is like their ears shut off after 10 seconds and they make the rest up as they go along! So, you think to yourself, maybe if I send a clear and concise email, they will have a chance to read it, see where I am coming from and understand. Right? WRONG! In no time at all, here comes the answer back and you KNOW they have not taken the time to process ONE word of what you have said beyond the first sentence. It drives me crazy! Can you tell? Really?

And last but certainly not least, and at the TOP of my new favorite list: when people automatically assume the worst in you. I swear to you all: I need 2009 to start over. I have heard of having a bad day, a bad week, even a bad month, but for crimany sakes folks! 5 crazy, upside down months in a row? People have said, oh (fill in the blank) was a bad year, and I think to myself: the whole year can not be THAT bad right? I am apologizing to them all now. I am humbled before you and now feel that pain you were talking about. Seriously it is ridiculous..........

OK now that I have purged that all I feel better.

May 12, 2009

Soccer Mom.... yeah right!

Every day is a different sport, and some days, like yesterday, you will see me running from one kids activity to the next. Most Monday's you will find as at the soccer fields, at least in the spring you will! I will do most anything to avoid being called the "soccer mom". That usually implies that I am driving a minivan (sorry to all who own one) and as I roll up to the curb, several kids pile out of the vehicle. This term also implies that you are a stay at home mom with nothing better to do then to shuttle your kids from one activity to the next. Now, keep in mind: I would love to be a stay at home mom and wreak havoc on the domestic home front, however for me it is not such a possibility. I work almost 40 hours a week, and with the help of a certain select few (you know who you are!) manage to get to 95% of all activities. Ok, ok, ok, off the soap box I go.
Soccer........... right. As the sun disappeared behind a nasty set of gray clouds and the parents stand there shivering in the strong winds, our team, Purple Crush, takes the field.

Look at the pure concentration on her face....... she means business! Then you see her come off the field and you remember the sweet girl that you sent out there:

We have a wonderful coach who expertly provides the girls with the skills and confidence they need to execute a great game. Look at this shot of one of the players while throwing in the ball! I love her drive!

Needless to say we won the game, although it is all about having fun right? No parent out there will admit out loud to being happy their team won a game. Why is that? Were we not all brought up that there are winners and losers? Oh, I'll save THAT topic for later.

So it is off to baseball we go. Still cold outside, windy but no rain. Thank goodness. After a quick outfit change in the car we are dressed for baseball. We haul all of our gear to the bleachers, folding bleacher chair, camera, snacks, blankets, gloves and hats, and find a place to land. When it comes to baseball, of course I want my kids team to win however it doesn't bother me if they lose. Until they have to play THIS team. I don't care for the other coach, his style of coaching, or how he treats his player. So of course our team NEEDS to win this game. We have played them twice before and lost and it is crucial we beat them.

Here is my son catching every ball thrown at him. He really likes to be catcher. Now tension is high as in the first 3 innings we are behind. But here comes innings 4, 5 and 6 and man oh man do we rally! Every kid on this team was hitting the ball or getting on base somehow and it was amazing to watch.

Now this is a shot from a game on Saturday but I had to give you some visual effect right? Have I mentioned that I love my camera? Anyway, as we go in to the 5th inning, my son is now on the pitchers mound. He did all you could ask a kid to do. He threw strikes, right over the plate. As our bats heated up, he kept the other team's runs to a minimum. It was a little tense when my son's best friend, who plays for the other team, came up to bat against him. He went down swinging, and our team pulled out the victory, 10-8!! As we did the happy dance in the bleachers, I looked down at the other coach and he is UPSET. I would not want to go home with him, that's for sure.