May 8, 2009

'Hood Egg Hunt

So every year we have a neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt. We, the ladies and I, lovingly refer to our neighborhood as "Fertile Flats". Just about every house has a kid or two, or three........

In years past we have had the older kids hide the eggs while the younger kids hunt. All during the day. Then we have a scavenger hunt: the kids are broken up in to teams. Here they are receiving the rules and penalties, oh yes penalties. They each have the same list and there are several items on the list worth a varying amount of points. They are all given 20 minutes or so to get as many items as they can, oh but wait! They can only ask for 5 items at each house, the entire team has to hold on to a piece of rope and they are not allowed to run. It makes for some great fun for the adults to watch!

These kids have a great time doing it and as you can see there are plenty of kids! This year one of the moms thought up doing the egg hunt in the dark: drum roll please....... a flashlight egg hunt! I have to admit I was sad as I would not be able to take the pictures of the kids, but the idea had great appeal to all. There were eggs hidden in 3 different back yards, some even with flashing lights inside. Some eggs had candy, some stickers and if you were lucky enough to find the coveted Gold or Silver egg, you got $5 or $2. The kids really liked this year's egg hunt:

Looks like all had a good time!

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