May 20, 2009

Some people's kids......

I hate, hate, hate when someone ruins an ending for you. It is like being the last one to see the "in" movie and just as you get ready to see it, someone spoils it in their "excitement" to share it with you, and tells you exactly blow by blow how the movie goes. After you've just told them how you haven't seen it yet. Give me a break.........

By the time we got home from Bollywood dancing last night, finishing homework and getting things ready for the next day, kids in bed and I sit down to watch tv, it was already 9:40pm. I settle in to my favorite chair, curl up in my blanket to watch American Idol. (Yes, I am an Idol junkie and proud of it!) It was an ok night.......... kind of felt blah about the night. It is comparing two very different kinds of artists. We shall see what happens. My money is on Adam....... I am tired and decide to save the Dancing with the Stars finale for the next day.

So I get all ready for bed: teeth brushed, warm jammies on, and crawl in to bed. Turn the news on: I fall asleep to it or reading a book. I am almost asleep when the sports reporter comes on. And what are the next words I hear our of his mouth????? Shawn Johnson has just won Dancing with the Stars! (yep, still on the dvr.) Are you kidding me? Then I was mad that I had went to bed instead of staying up to watch it. Had I been on the Internet it was all over facebook too......... I was screwed no matter what! @%#&!!!

I have a life. This means that I am not in front of the tv exactly as the shows are rolling out..... I rely heavily on the dvr. At times it can be my best friend, sorry CHB! I don't get on the computer IMMEDIATELY after a finale, or something like that, to tell the ENTIRE WORLD what happened and then ruin it for them! Can't anyone wait until the next morning? Please? Ok, I am done. Thanks.

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