January 29, 2010

Craft Projects

I made this for my dear friend Moxie Crimefighter for Christmas.

In September, while at the 50% off Labor Day sale at Value Village (pronounced Vahluuu Villahhhhg) I ran across two of these frames:

I knew I could make them in to something great, I just did not know what yet. Then it hit me! So I asked Moxie, who works for the coffee giant, to collect all the gift cards people use up and want to throw away. Of course I did not tell her what I needed them for and of course she was a good friend and just said "ok"!

In the end, there were around 100 cards to choose from. I noticed there were several of the same and so I went to work. A good pair of scissors, some Mod Podge glue, just the right ribbon purchased from the craft store and a staple gun to make the ribbon stay, here is the finished product!

It is now hanging in the entry of her abode and I love seeing it when I come over! I made one for myself as well. You want one, dontcha?
Currently I am doing the same thing to a small tray I want to place on my nightstand. As soon as I am done I will share with you!


Crazy Mom of 2! said...

Look at you Ms. Crafty!

Amber said...

Okay, way cute!!! I love it!