August 28, 2009

Got to have it!

So I was meandering out in blog land, trust me you can get lost there for a while, when I hap pend upon
O.M.G. I need this. I ventured over to Victoria's Secret website and could not find it. @#&* Thankfully I will be heading towards the mall tomorrow and you best believe I will be checking it out! The mall is about 15 miles away and I rarely go there. I will let you know what I find. Thank you to All Things G&D, for I know you not, for showing me yet another piece of finger bling I must own.

Stuff I made

So I have made some stuff over the last few months for my mom. Obviously I could not show you here as they were gifts for her! Now I can toot my own horn. You know if it was purchased from here it is going to be good: Here was the example. Yeah, I don't think mine will look like that!
Here are the papers I chose:
Some necessary supplies:
And here is the finished product:
So that was for all her pencils, pens, markers, etc. Now, she needed some kind of photo book for her desk. Here is what I started with:

Now, I had my work cut out for me. Each "file" in the Scrap-o-Dex had to covered front and back. Here is the end result:Well, she loved them all. I think she was enjoying her time with her "grandhappies":

August 26, 2009

It was such a short visit down to see my mom. We left at 12:30 on Friday afternoon and headed to Oregon. Normally, this drive would take me approx 4 hours or so, give or take a few for potty breaks. Well, thanks to the stimulus package, there is road construction in just about every big city from B.C. to Portland! I also heard a rumor about how the D.O.T. was widening the freeway for the winter Olympics next year to ease congestion. ?????

We finally arrive at 7:00 pm! That's right folks. A 4+ hour drive that took us 6 1/2. Nice. My grandparents had also driven up from Phoenix and it was nice to have us all together. We hung out at the house on Friday night.

Lil' C got a call from my mom's neighbors, Niko and Aja, asking if he would like to go dirt biking with them Sat morn. I gave the all clear so we were in bed at a reasonable time so this could happen for him. He borrowed some gear from Niko, and of course I had to take some pics since I would not be there to see him on the bike.

Doodle, Grammie and I got ready to go and met the grandparents at Costco. Then we headed out to lunch at Shari's. Did you know that Mon-Fri from 4-9:00pm kids eat free there? All you have to do is buy them a drink of some kind. Well over the weekend it was kids eat free for some kind of special deal so we ate there. Doodle and I liked it, everyone else was so-so about the food and service.

We had to head back to the house to get Lil' C from his dirt biking adventures. Mom and the grandparents were back at their hotel. We had just picked Lil' C up when we get a call from mom. Does Aja want to some swimming at the hotel? Of course!!! We head there for some pool time, and we do cake to celebrate Lil' C, Doodle, Grandpa P's and my birthday, all which took place in the last 60 days.
(now with a pic of Grandma smiling)

Sunday morning we go back to the grandparents hotel and bid them goodbye. They were driving back to Phoenix and we wanted to see them one last time. Then, the rest of us head for a little shopping slice of heaven. Want to know where???? GOODWILL. I love to bargain shop! You can find the most amazing treasures there! We went with the express purpose of looking for school clothes. I am on a pretty tight budget so I need to be quite frugal with my shopping. Plus, Goodwill in Oregon is tax free, and my mom belongs to Club Goodwill so we get an additional 10% off all purchases. Found a ton of things for Doodle and only a few for Lil' C. More pics on that later!

After 2 Goodwill stores we head back to the house to refuel. The kids eat and head out to play with Niko and Aja while mom and I go through some things in the garage she wants me to take home. I got some great under the bed storage containers, a cool toilet paper container for the bathroom and a chair that used to be at my desk when I was little.

We finally get around to present time! We had: mom's birthday, Christmas and Mother's Day presents; Lil' C's birthday present, Doodle's birthday present and mine!

We finally head out around 6:00. Of course we had to hit the Carl's Jr on the way out! Recently, like 9 months ago, they put one in our town about 3 miles away. HOWEVER, the place is always so packed it is not worth the wait!

Heading home, we had a chance to reflect on our visit. We had a great time and even though it was a super short 48 hours, it was worth every minute.

August 20, 2009

We're off to see......

Grammie! The kids are excited! I am excited! We also get to see the grandparents that have driven up from Phoenix!
Should be good times! Taking off tomorrow morning and coming back Sunday night. See you all next week!

August 19, 2009


Ok, so I admit it. I am addicted. Too what you may ask? Well, if you must know........ Internet games! Lord help me. I swear. I sit down to just "check" the facebook and the blogs I read and before you know it I have wandered in to Yoville, Farkle, LatteLand and the Daily Jumble. Good grief.
It is not that the games are bad for me or my mind, there are a LOT of times I have other things I should be doing; working, crafting, folding laundry, cleaning the toilet. What's that saying about the best of intentions?
I just get so sucked in. There is no other definition for it. I enjoy it, perhaps a little too much. Then you find other people who are just like you and before you know it you are having a conversation about the "games" like it is all real! Unbelievable!
It's not enough to be a slave to the Internet in the gaming department. I read 10 or 12 blogs every day and often catch myself salivating over other people's posts. I think of ways I could be more creative in mine, and then I think to myself; who's gonna read it? I have not really advertised that I am doing this. I know I wanted to work out some of the kinks before showing everyone what I was up to.
Well, there is the wandering ramblings of me for today.

August 17, 2009

Lil' C's last tourney

So 2 weeks ago Lil' C had another tourney up north. Almost 90 degrees outside. I should have sat in the shade........ oh well. Back to the boy child. He got the opportunity to play 3rd base. Even though this was a foul ball, he was ready, able, willing and prepared.

We won both games on Saturday. Doodle and I missed those as we were picking up Doodle, PIA and Spice Rack from their various locations.

It was down to the "championship" game. Now this is no laughing matter. We were going to be playing the other hometown team for the 1st place trophy. I really, really, really dislike the other coach. I mean R.E.A.L.L.Y. don't like him. I am not here to protect his image or his ego. .

Lil' C is warming up. Ready to take him on. "Put me in cold, I'm ready to play, today!" (Even though it was 90 degrees outside and he had just wrapped up playing catcher, pitcher and outfielder at the last game!)

Anyways, back to the point here. Last game of the day. Lil' C takes a stand and swings the bat.

He does get a hit and the game is underway! After a couple of innings in the field, he takes his turn on the bench like everyone else.

The game wraps up and............. WE WIN! It was very exciting! I know it is shameful and petty to be so happy that the other coach lost but who cares??? It is sad because I know several of the kids on the other team and I hate to have them loose.But it does not outweigh that OUR team won! THAT coach should not be teaching young boys how to play the game as he sees it. There are plenty of coaches out there that do a great job, he is not one of them.

Anyway, the boys on the team did a great job and all the parents were very proud of them. I was especially proud of Lil' C as he had struggled at the last tournament with his hitting. Good job my boy.

Bits and Peices

Our first day at the "beach" and I use this term loosely, I took some pictures of the cove:

It was not so bad. The cove was pretty and the water was calm. The beach left something to be desired but the view was pretty. The kids got down and dirty and explored.

Some of my favorite shots of the kids are when their backs are to me. I catch them when they don't think I am watching, or maybe they know I am there and are choosing to ignore me since I have the camera in hand?

The camping tooth fairy also made a visit this trip as well. Doodle had come to me after our beach trip and exclaimed her tooth was loose. She thought if she kept wiggling it the darn thing would come out. Well, after an hour of persistence, it was in her hot little hand.

Doodle had a visit during the night from a slightly tipsy tooth fairy and in the morning came marching out of her tent indignant that she "only got a dollar" from the tooth fairy. H.O.W. got $5 when she lost her tooth. I tried to explain the difference between the FIRST ever lost tooth and the 6th or 7th.......... I got the eye roll and huffy breath and her backside as she marched off! Told you I earned that Mother of the Year EVERY day.

August 14, 2009

Liquid Nitrogen Fun

We have a resident engineer in Stands with Wood. What other people can tell you they had ice cream while they were camping? They can tell you how much fun they had, how great the beach or weather was, even how good the food was. None of them are telling you they had ice cream made with liquid nitrogen!
Here is Woody in his element: holding science class at camp:

Everyone has to get a look see:

Now time to combine all the ingredients together to make camp ice cream. All eyes were on Miss E. and Stands with Wood as they made this yummy concoction:

But before we can enjoy the ice cream, Stands with Wood gives all the kids a cool treat for all who were willing to try something new. He took Fruit Loops and soaked a couple in liquid nitrogen, then passed a few to each kid and told them to chew it quickly. Here is what that looked like:

Now time to enjoy the fruits or Miss E.'s labor!

Some added chocolate some ate it plain but ALL enjoyed it!

Part Three:

So the kids decided to have a "Un-Talent Show" at the amphitheatre right next to our camp sight. It was pretty funny! They had 3 days to prep and practice until Show Day. We had an MC:

And the acts began. First up, Lil' C. He did the national anthem completely off key. He was really in to it:

As you can see the crowd is NOT impressed:

We had stick bashing, armpit farting, slow motion kung fu, water gurgling, charades, stare downs and a hip hop style fight.

Anyone notice anything interesting about the stare down? Looks to me like Lil' C lost this one.......

At the final curtain call everyone was pleased with their performances. Another great "kid" idea was hatched and executed with great style!