August 23, 2012

R.I.P. Marshmallow

Picture this:

CHB was kidless for a few weeks as PIA and HOW traveled with Grandma and Grandpa throughout the United States.

CHB had a VERY important job while the kids where away. Keep the hamsters alive. Guess what? One of them died. Not due to lack of care on CHB's part. You know as parents, the last thing we wat is our kids to come home from a sleepover, camp or a few weeks away to find a dead pet. Torture.

So, I get a text from CHB that says this:

One of the fucking hamsters died. Shit shit shit

Now picture me rolling on the floor laughing when I see this, and the pictures that followed. I know HOW is going to crap her pants when she gets home. CHB says:

Weird thing is, before HOW left she gave me explicit instructions on what to do if it died while she was gone. She had a little coffin ready too. Bushwhacker is burying it in the coffin under the tree in back now.
Coffin for dear old Marshmallow, made by the loving hands of HOW

Bushwhacker, wearing a sad face, preparing the burial site.
Checking the coffin to make sure Marshmallow is in there.

Silence ensued as Marshmallow was gently placed in to the ground.

The sign of the cross is made, and a little of Bushwhacker's 40 was poured over the top.

Adios Marshmallow
(CHB says: Good riddance!)

The funeral was a small affair. Taps was sung. Marshmallow didn't have many friends. The event was documented for posterity by CHB for little HOW for when she returned.

Upon HOW's return, as the tears flowed freely, the story was recounted. Even though Marshmallow was a MEAN hamster, HOW made a grave marker to commemorate the life of her little hamster. May she rest in peace.

A few days later? All grief forgotten as HOW now has a replacement. Welcome Teddy Jumper to the fam. TJ for short. May he live longer than Marshmallow.

August 21, 2012

What is summertime good for?

Outdoor concerts!

Living in the Pacific Northwest, we are never sure exactly what kind of weather we are going to get, so outdoor concerts are always iffy. You wear shorts, but bring pants, some type of coat and warm socks are tossed in just in case.
Well, a few weeks back, I had the chance to get tickets to Boyz II Men. Oh. My. Gawd.

I JUMPED on the chance! JGurl hooked me up, and man am I glad she did.

Boyz II Men was the soundtrack to my Freshman year of high school. (Here we go, headed down memory lane.........) I would fall asleep every night listening to those 4 men croon in to the HUGE headphones attached to my brand new Discman. Awesome right?

On a Friday night date night, I remember driving around in the crush of the month's car, blasting out the "II" cd, so loud and obnoxious through the neighborhood because he had HUGE subwolfers in the trunk.

"Hip Hop" was pretty tame in the early 90's, compared to today's standard. To me, it was more about having a great beat, and tight harmonies.

Any guesses on who opened for Boyz II Men?

Salt 'n Pepa and En Vogue! I swear both groups got BETTER with age. Harmonies were tight, they had great repor with the crowd and I just loved seeing them both. Here they are shaking their moves on stage! (All photos courtesy of Jgurl)

As we waited outside the venue for all the gurlz to show up, we saw this F-I-N-E specimen. If only we could have gotten a closer picture, I mean video. You had to see those puppies in action to appreciate their sheer volume. W.O.W.

People watching is BY FAR, one of my favorite pass times and the attendees of this concert did not disappoint! I saw track suits, matching short suits, a LOT of outlandish colors, several Fedora's and more booby and booty than I wanted to see. I WISH I had more pictures of that......

Salt 'N Peppa

En Vogue

As En Vogue was wrapping up their set, Moxie and I head over to the beer stand. And we proceed to stand in line for 35 minutes for an ice cold alcoholic beverage. When it was our turn, we ordered double, slammed them back and headed back to our seats.

Moxie and I

We BARELY make it back to our seats in time to see Boyz II Men come out on stage......

Man, worth the wait. They were awesome on stage and it sounded just like the "old days"......
Moxie, Myself and JGurl's friend Susan

The whole gang: Teri, Susan, Jgurl, Me, Moxie

What Boyz II Men concert would be complete without dancing to "I'll Make Love to You" with your partner? I had such a great time, and will absolutely go and see them again if they come back to our little corner of the world.