July 31, 2009


I can not believe that today Lil C is 13! Where the heck did the years go? This sweet boy of mine is now a teenager......... oh the trouble I am sure he will get in to. Already too big for his britches. I remember when he was a little guy and how excited he would get about every new discovery. I hope he stays as sweet as he is now.
Know what he wants to do today? Go to the mall. So he can buy some new clothes. When we get home I will make him a nice dinner and we can look through his scrapbook and stroll down memory lane. No wild parties tonight for him. Last baseball tourney for him tomorrow. Then a long camping trip, time with the grandparents at the fair, a visit from the grandparents in Phoenix and THEN a party.
I love you little man. Happy Birthday.

July 30, 2009

Oh A.C. How I Love Thee

WAY TOO HOT HERE! CHB says "Am I being punked by the weather?" I feel the same way. We have always been lucky here in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. If it gets too hot during the day, the night starts to cool by 7:00 pm or so and we can sleep in relative comfort, waking refreshed and ready to tackle the next day.
Not the case here........ the temperature on my car read 101 yesterday at 6:00 pm. I heard from Moxie at 5:00 pm. In her place it was 72. Tuesday night at my house at 6:00pm it was 94. So of course I invited myself over for a sleepover.
I went home and did temp check. 96. Are you kidding me? That can not be right? Heard from CHB and she was only 91. 5 degrees makes a huge difference. I quickly packed my air mattress, pillow, movies and other overnight essentials and hightailed it over to Moxie's.
I walked in to a beautifully air conditioned pad. I mean pure bliss. It was so great. I never wanted to leave. This was my new oasis away from home. Moxie, I'm moving in! LOL!
So this morning when I got home to shower and change for work, want to guess what the temp was inside? 86. Holy cow! I turned all the fans on and got it down to 81. About 10 minutes before I left for work I turned the fans off again as I did not want to lure any more hot air in then necessary. I checked the temp again before I left: 84. ?????? Hopefully we are able to cool off some tonight.
www.weather.com says we are going to have a high of only 90 today. This I can handle. It means I can sleep in a somewhat comfortable bed. Friday we are supposed to be down to 84 or so. I'll take it.

July 28, 2009

Over the river and through the woods........

to Girl Scout camp we go!!!
Well it was time to send the girls to camp: Part 2! This time, a whopping 2 1/2 hour drive away. It has been 2 years since we made the trek to this particular camp and now we remember why. It was HOT HOT HOT outside. Projected temp: 90 degrees. Here is how the day went:

10:00 AM Leave house, hit gas station, fill her up! Then get iced mocha to go!
10:15 AM Pick up CHB and PIA at their house.
10:20 AM On the road again!
10:50 AM CHB just remembered she forgot to pack PIA's swim suit!!! OMG!!! We stop at the nearest Target and voila!

Swimsuits that fit and looked great were purchased. Are you sure there is nothing else we have forgotten?

If you are sure? We have it all? Great! Let's go! It's now 11:30 am.

Cruising along the highway........ we are getting hungry! Time to eat! We find a Jack in the Box just off the highway:
Time for some food!

No see food for me; thanks anyway! I prefer to look pretty in my pictures!
So there was another group of 4 ladies at the Jack in the Crack as well. Guess where they were headed??????? CAMP!

12:30 pm CHB and I get in the car, and without us saying it out loud, we knew we were "racing" the other group of campers.

The Tacoma Narrows Bridge. Not a fan of bridges myself..........
Ok that means 30 or so minutes to go. As we come in to town, we are waiting for the light to turn green and who should appear on our right? The ladies from Jack in the Crack. But wait. They are turning right? Why are we going straight? After another mile we realize we have gone the wrong way. We turn around at the self storage place, go back to the light and continue on our merry way to camp. Things are looking good. I think we are going to be to camp by 1:45....
Yeah! We are almost there. But what is that????
Lock your doors ladies! We are obeying THAT sign! So, getting closer by the mile, and CHB is consulting the MapQuest directions that she printed out for us. This is where it says to turn:Guess what? NOT the right place to turn! After jumping out of the car twice, once to ask directions from a man with bad teeth (while CHB locked the car doors) and once to ask some dirt biker with no shirt on, we finally reach a place where we have cell reception and can get the proper directions.

I am on full melt down. We finally find the right road, and for 2 miles we bump along like this:

Needing a new set of shocks, we arrive. O.M.G. I felt like kissing the ground. It is 2:45 pm. We should have been here an hour ago. I am tired of being in the car. It is hot. I have earned the mother of the year award AGAIN by yelling at my daughter as I am about to drop her off for 7 days at camp. Great.

It is hot out here. We take our pics, and we get checked in. Gotta see if the girls have a fever or worse: LICE.
We are LICE free! We do the meds check in and a potty break and now it is time to go check out the place these girls will call home for the next 7 days.
Cook shelter and the canvas tents:
As we kiss and hug those sweaty girls goodbye and head back to the parking lot we are melting. As a rooster tail of dirt comes from the back of my vehicle we high tail it out of there!

Poor girls, melting in this heat. Wonder how sunburned they will be when they get home????

July 24, 2009

Massage Envy

So a couple of weeks back I moved some furniture in my place. A heavy wooden bookshelf that I half unloaded. Always a smart choice when you can't find the little disc's that help heavy furniture glide across the carpet with minimal effort. Like these: http://www.decorate-redecorate.com/furniture-movers-hard-floors.html

Anyway, waking up the next day I was completely stiff in my upper back and my shoulder and neck were all tight. Way to go right? I suffered through the work week and went camping anyway over the holiday weekend. With the help of my friends I was able to stretch it out and actually felt better for the next 2 weeks, until I went to the baseball tourney.

I forgot my bleacher chair, we were 80 miles from home and I sat hunched over all day Saturday and Sunday. Woke up Monday morning and was in a LOT of pain this time. Worse than before.

One of my customers came in to the office on Tuesday, and knowing she is a massage therapist, I asked her if she did deep tissue and when could she get me in?????? I had an appt for Friday late afternoon.

She pummeled, she pulverized, she tenderized, she worked out kinks I didn't know I had. She said to me: "You must close your eyes and imagine that you are a 6 foot lumberjack with shoulders as wide as a linebacker?" Why yes, you are correct!

She showed me the exercises I need to do in order to make sure this does not happen again and sent me along my way. Saturday morning I woke up and guess what? NO PAIN! NO STIFFNESS! It was so nice....... I was sore from the muscle kneading she did but all in all was feeling so much better. Even now, a few days later, no more soreness and no pain.
So good to have my body back the way it should be, but better!

July 23, 2009

Lil C's Baseball Tourney

We're off to see the Wizard....... well not quite. 7:40 am on Saturday the kids and I are headed to Lynden for Lil' C's baseball tournament. Temperature today? 85 or so, plus momma has a hang over. Nice right?

As we get in to town, I am already on full growl. I had 4 hours of sleep, I have yet to have some coffee and guess what? The Raspberry Festival is taking place in town this weekend. Great..... We get stopped at the main intersection as a 20+ progression of tractors proceeds to drive 5 miles an hour through town. I am impatiently tapping on the wheel waiting for them to moooove faster (get the farm reference? Lynden is prime farming country). Finally 10 minutes later it is my turn to go. We try to take a shortcut only to be stopped again. This time? 100 or more marathon runners are making their way through the golf course loop. AAAHHHHHHH! We were already going to be 5 minutes late, now we are closing in on 20!

Doodle and I drop off Lil' C and then head to the nearest coffee dispenser. Mmmmmm. Triple 16oz iced Coconut Mocha with non fat milk. Heaven in a glass.

Time to play some ball! Game 1:

We then have a 2hour break before game 2. We grabbed some lunch at the Jack in the crack and then tried to find a store in town that carried the under eye black stick to help with the glare from the sun. Finally found some! Back to the ball park and time for Game 2.

Waiting, waiting, waiting for the game to finish so we can get out on the field and warm up. Not that the boys aren't already baking in the sun!

The kid comes home in a cloud of dust and of course I don't have a picture of that! Of course we win!!! We are off the play another game the next day at noon.

We win again and we are off to the championships!!!

But there is no rest for the weary. The boys, with only a 30 minute rest head in to the final game with the Bothell Pride, who have been resting for 2 hours. These boys are dirty and tired and it is 85 degrees outside. They gave it a mighty effort, but do to a technicality we lost.

So hot, so tired, so disappointed.

Now it is time for the trophy presentation. We came in 2nd which is not bad but you know those boys wanted to win.

Pick up Take 1

Wow 6 days went by fast. It is already time to make the 1.5 hour drive back out to camp to pick up the girls. I wonder how may bug bites they have? I am certain that Doodle will stink, her entire bag of clothes will have to be washed and I am sure she brought some camp dirt home with her.

After hugging the life out of her, my first question to myself is: Why isn't your hair in braids????? Last year after a week at camp, Doodle and PIA came home with L-I-C-E. EEEWWWWWWW! We had to do every treatment imaginable including: RID, mayonnaise, olive oil, Listerine and Cetaphil. Not to mention that EVERYTHING had to be bagged up, sanitized and kept away from human contact for several days. The constant combing made you feel itchy all over just thinking about it. Yuck!

Needless to say CHB and I are now a little paranoid about it. She more than me! No sharing of brushes, hair pretties or pillows. We never want to be there again. Anyway, back to Doodle. She smelled, her hair was a rat's nest and she had the biggest smile on her face. This was also little HOW's first overnight camp. She was super jazzed to go and look at that smile on her face!
These camp t-shirts are some of the best I have seen. We have been doing camp for 4 years now and this year's shirt by far exceeds the others. A last walk through camp and a quick stop at the souvenir stand.

I loved this camp when I was a girl and look forward to the pickup every year when the whole way home they talk non stop about camp, sing the new songs they learned and just grin from ear to ear. (While we drive with the windows down to cut down on that camp funk!) Now in 7 days we will do this all over again for the next camp@!