July 8, 2009

Camping at Larrabee #1

Here we were: 16 women, men and children crammed on to 2 small sites with 5 large tents and two small fire pits; one we could not even use. The weather was wonderful and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. There are so many good pictures I will have to break it all down in to a couple of posts.

Tent City:

Here is the food tent, where on the last night the pesky raccoons were out. Looks like we outsmarted them by locking down the perishables. They also did a table dance and played with the Bubba Keg. Thankfully, they did not take it with them. Otherwise them would have been some dead 'coons as I would have had to avenge the theft of the Bubba.

We always eat well when camping: first night's dessert: Banana Boats.

I had to have my picture taken with the certified Banana Handler! These concoctions are the best I tell you and even the kids who thought it looked and sounded gross ended up enjoying them.
More to come on the days at the beach!

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