July 3, 2009

Wait for it........ wait for it......

All Star baseball. Here we are playing Stanwood-Camano.

Would you look at that score???? Awesome game and a "W" on the board for the boys!

At tournament ball, the boys exchange league pins.

After game wrap up. The coach goes on, and on, and on. Ye be long winded.

After Tuesday's game, we were told we would be playing again Thursday against Mill Creek. These are the boys who went to the Little League National Series and lost in the last game. Lil C also has a good friend Tyler who plays for Mill Creek. Now he was not on this team, but the rivalry was felt.

Lil C got one at bat this game. The score had been back and forth the first 4 innings. We went in to the 5th up 5 to 2. After the other team proceeded to hit some home runs, we were down 6 to 5 to Mill creek.
Needless to say we lost the game 7 to 5. It was a hard fought game and the boys were disappointed but Mill Creek was awesome. Had to eat a little crow when I talked to Tyler's mom and gave her the low down.
Well, that ends All Star baseball. Now it is tournament ball starting in a week or so. Yippee.......

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