July 23, 2009

Lil C's Baseball Tourney

We're off to see the Wizard....... well not quite. 7:40 am on Saturday the kids and I are headed to Lynden for Lil' C's baseball tournament. Temperature today? 85 or so, plus momma has a hang over. Nice right?

As we get in to town, I am already on full growl. I had 4 hours of sleep, I have yet to have some coffee and guess what? The Raspberry Festival is taking place in town this weekend. Great..... We get stopped at the main intersection as a 20+ progression of tractors proceeds to drive 5 miles an hour through town. I am impatiently tapping on the wheel waiting for them to moooove faster (get the farm reference? Lynden is prime farming country). Finally 10 minutes later it is my turn to go. We try to take a shortcut only to be stopped again. This time? 100 or more marathon runners are making their way through the golf course loop. AAAHHHHHHH! We were already going to be 5 minutes late, now we are closing in on 20!

Doodle and I drop off Lil' C and then head to the nearest coffee dispenser. Mmmmmm. Triple 16oz iced Coconut Mocha with non fat milk. Heaven in a glass.

Time to play some ball! Game 1:

We then have a 2hour break before game 2. We grabbed some lunch at the Jack in the crack and then tried to find a store in town that carried the under eye black stick to help with the glare from the sun. Finally found some! Back to the ball park and time for Game 2.

Waiting, waiting, waiting for the game to finish so we can get out on the field and warm up. Not that the boys aren't already baking in the sun!

The kid comes home in a cloud of dust and of course I don't have a picture of that! Of course we win!!! We are off the play another game the next day at noon.

We win again and we are off to the championships!!!

But there is no rest for the weary. The boys, with only a 30 minute rest head in to the final game with the Bothell Pride, who have been resting for 2 hours. These boys are dirty and tired and it is 85 degrees outside. They gave it a mighty effort, but do to a technicality we lost.

So hot, so tired, so disappointed.

Now it is time for the trophy presentation. We came in 2nd which is not bad but you know those boys wanted to win.

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