July 23, 2009

Camp River Ranch

Oh the joys of packing for camp. Reading and re-reading the packing list, hauling all the gear out to the living room, triple checking it all made it in to the bag and then sitting on the suitcase to make sure it closes. As I try to sleep the night before we drop them off, I think to myself: is there enough sunscreen and bug spray? The weather forecast just changes: do I have time to do more laundry so I can send additional clothes? Where am I going to fit them in her bag? Will she remember to write me a letter this trip? Did I put stamps on the envelope? Crap! Where are the utensils for the mess kit..... and it goes on and on and on.

Now, the big day arrives. The day they have looked forward to since working their butts off to sell cookies in the rain, sun AND snow (yes snow) this year. The anticipation has been building since we got the confirmation in the mail back in April.

Hair has been washed with tea tree shampoo and braided (to avoid Lice don't you know); sturdy socks and shoes we are sporting, and our camp necklace from last year (how do they remember where that is after 365 days but cant remember to put their dirty clothes in the hamper or rinse out their cereal bowl?). We're here! come the excited cries from the backseat!

Doodle chose to sleep in Wagons West this year which is exactly that. A wagon shell without the moving wheels. The ends are exposed to all those creepy critters at camp but she was excited to try something new.

The girls could not wait to get rid of us. Bye Mom! And off they ran. As we exited the campground with a plume of dust behind us, we recognized we would miss them, a little. By the end of the week, that may change!

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