July 28, 2011

Big Brother

I am not sure if you are all aware that I watch Big Brother. I l-o-v-e love LOVE this show. I look forward to it every summer, with as much enthusiasm as the first American Idol episode.

This year, CBS has NOT let me down. With the twists and turns they have brought out this year, I am just as glued to the tv every Sunday, Wednesday and Thursday night!

Poor PB. He has never watched this show before. Last night, he glady sat, teeth clenched, on the couch with me to watch it.

For pictures of the cast, go here.

In the first 5 minutes he was so confused. I spent EVERY commercial trying to explain what was happening.

Between the Power of Veto, the Head of Household and the Golden Key, he said, and I quote, "there are so many ways to stay safe in this game how do you ever get people out?"

While PB has a valid point, I couldn't help but get defensive. How dare he knock my favorite summer smut? Does he not know that I LIVE for this drama that plays out on my tv 3 days a week?

That when I posted to my Facebook last week "It's only 5 minutes in to Big Brother and I already want to strangle Rachel..... god she is annoying!" several of my friends responded knowing E-X-A-C-T-L-Y what I was talking about??????

Her laugh is like nails down a chalkboard. She thinks she is the hottest thing ever.......... yeah. NOT. PB said "eewwwww" when he saw her.

Tell me you feel the same? That I am not alone in this obsession with reality tv. Please. I do not want to seek professional help. Or join a support group. I don't have time.......

What's your summer guilty pleasure? It's ok. You can tell me. There is no judgement here. Promise.

July 21, 2011

Thank You

What a sweet surprise!!!

Thank you Deirdra from A Storybook World! Go check her out at http://astorybookworld.blogspot.com/


It's been a while since I shared any of the yummy goodness that comes from Hee-Haw's mouth. So, pad up ladies and germs, cause here comes some of the newest diarrhea of the mouth...........

When asked to help pay for Doodle's snow-shoeing event (that was back in April):

"Well I didn't authorize that trip, so I shouldn't have to share any of the cost" AND "As soon as Doodle tells me that she ACTUALLY wanted to go on this trip, I will CONSIDER paying my share"

When Doodle and I went to Hee-Haw's house to grab some of her gear, and MY duffel bag, for her camping trip last week, we find out that Hee-Haw had thrown away MY duffel bag. Hee-Haw says:

"Well I was sure I wasn't going to use it anymore so I threw it away"

To which I reply, "It wasn't yours to give away" but alas this minor detail is lost on him..........

When asked to share the cost for the camping trip last weekend, I got this stellar response:

"Well, YOU signed her up for it and it was YOUR job to get her there. I don't see why I have to help pay for it"

And my all time favorite, nonsensical, irrational drivel that came from his mouth in the last week? When Hee-Haw and I were discussing all the costs for camps, activities and upcoming purchases of school supplies, he said:

"Since you live with PB now, and you don't pay rent anymore, I don't think I should have to pay a higher percentage of these bills anymore"

I can't tell you how much I enjoy these little talks that Hee-Haw and I have. It brings a tremendous amount of joy to my daily life.

And if you believe that, I have a bridge to sell you.

July 8, 2011

Summer Camp

It's that time of year again. Summer Camp is here.

We have signed up, paid for and received our camp confirmation packet in the mail.

Now comes the fun part. Packing.

No matter how many times you have reviewed, checked and double checked the packing list, it is a guarantee that once you have shoved your kids out the car door at camp, they will have forgotten something.

Like 2 years ago when CHB forgot The Swimsuit. Awesome.

You know I will not read the list once, or even twice. I will review it 862 times, trying to make sure I have everything.

The laundry marking pen will come in to play, as well as the good 'ole Sharpie pen.

Of course there will be a trip to the store to pick out stationary, buy stamps, and whatever item we need for this year that either didn't come home from camp last year, is too small, or we simply don't like anymore.

Of course there is the packing of the bag, making sure to include a couple of HUGE Ziploc bags for the fiesta camp clothes. That way we avoid ALL of the clean clothes smelling like the campfire circle. Yummy.

Doodle's camp experience may not be complete without forgetting something. It happens every year. Thank goodness I have not been fired as Mom yet..........

HeeHaw is in charge, for the first time in Doodle's life, of picking her up from camp. I emailed him the summer schedule 2 weeks ago, with all the dates through Labor Day.

So you can imagine my frustration when he dropped the kids off last night and had no idea she was headed to camp for 6 days this Sunday. Oi.