January 2, 2018

Another year, another resolution

Not super sure where 2017 went. It always amazes me that I feel this way every January.

I didn't make any resolutions last year. Probably a good thing, since I don't have the best track record with following through with them. I think I will keep it simple stupid this year: I resolve to do more things that bring me joy. That shouldn't be too hard. Right?

I have several things I want to accomplish this year, however listing them all to the universe puts pressure on me to complete them, or offer proof. And I don't need to add additional anxiety to my life. I have enough, thank you.

As of today, I am still in the process of de-Christmasing my house. It takes me a while. 12 totes of decor, and 2 trees, typically takes me 3 days to set up, and 3 days to take down. This year I have the added bonus of organizing all the Halloween/Thanksgiving décor that I just threw (almost literally) in to the garage. Good times. Procrastinate much?

I am looking forward to getting my house back to where it is comfortable for the other 11 months of the year, but I am always sad to put away the Christmas things that I love. That I only get to see 31 days out of the year. I get such excitement every year taking out my totes and re-discovering the joy of my holiday décor.

My house always feels super clean after I put away the Christmas stuff. I swear I sleep really great on the night that it is all done. Says something right? Yeah, it says I need more décor (ha ha ha)!

Anyshways, Happy New Year Bitches.

June 21, 2017

The Gray Area

If you have a child over the age of 17, you have lived in the "Gray Area". How do I know? Because I am on child 2 in the Area Gray, and it hasn't gotten easier. What the hell am I talking about? Let me explain.

Doodle turned 18 the day before she graduated from high school. During (and the summer leading up to) her Senior year of high school, I have taken her to visit colleges, helped her fill out applications, stalked the mail box for acceptance letters, paid deposit after fee after deposit after fee.

During this whole past year, Doodle has made it clear that she wants some sort of degree in Education. At least that is what she has decided for now. We all know college kids can and will change their minds on the direction of study in that first 2 years at university.

I have been vocal about the college choice I had for her, however I have ultimately supported her goal to go to the college SHE thinks is best. Why is all of this backstory important? Hang on to your panties, because I will explain.

Over the weekend, I was at a high school graduation. Afterwards, when we all went out to celebrate together, the topic of career paths came up. The people I was sitting with had some different opinions about college, so we dove in to a spirited conversation about it.

Here is what it boiled down to: the general consensus from the others was that you should not encourage your child to go with the career/education path they choose, especially if said path will not be something where they will make a lot of money.

And that is where I lost it. Shocking, I am sure.

We all agreed that it is the responsibility of the parent to shape and mold the child in to a good person: with goals, respect and self reliance. However, that is where the agreements stopped.

They all thought that teaching is a noble profession, but didn't understand why I wouldn't tell Doodle to go in to something that could make her more money. And that is where I felt I had been punched in the gut. I am sure it was not supposed to be personal. And I recognize that logically.

But emotionally? All I could think was FUCK YOU. I make today (after having been in my profession for 16 years) what Doodle will make once she is done with her student teaching and internship. Apparently, even though I supported 2 kids on that income, that is not enough to LIVE ON.

Did I have a new car? NO. Did I scrimp and save where I could to ease the monthly tightness? YES. Do I feel I deprived my children anything while they were growing up? HELL NO.

What if my child said they wanted to be a farmer? Or a missionary? Do those make a lot of money? Hell no. Are you they "noble" professions? Absolutely.

So, maybe I am just being too sensitive. Would love to hear somebody else's take on this. I will sit back with my vat of wine while I wait to hear from you.

January 20, 2017

January 20, 2017

I think I will remember this day for a VERY long time. Like people who remember where they were when Mt. St. Helens erupted, or how they felt when JFR was shot, or when a man first walked on the moon. Yeah, those are big events........... and that is how I feel about today.

The day Donald Trump was inaugurated as President of The United States.

I don't want to call this man MY president. I don't want to swallow my emotions about who I think this person is.

I am TIRED of people telling me to "get over it". I am just as entitled to my feelings as the person who voted for him. Thanks to the election and voting process, I am able to vote the way I want/believe/feel is best for ME. Not YOU.

I still feel like our nation is taking step in the wrong direction, and I don't care if you disagree with me. That is your right. I wont tell you that you are wrong.

I am having a hard time as a woman, as the parent of a daughter, as a member of the working force, getting behind this man. And the things he says.

So let me have my emotions. Stop telling me that I am just a feminist. Quit saying that I should be supporting this person.

That is all.

November 29, 2016

Rec Room: Take 2

Picking up from where we left off yesterday.......

In case you need a refresher (go HERE) this is what the throw pillows look like. Now, to be fair. They are not HORRIBLE. I just don't care for them. At all.

I had been on the lookout for throw pillows I liked that would go with these colors, or some kind of pillow cover. I knew finding the valance material (so I could make my own) would be crucial to this process.

I FINALLY found the fabric I liked! Hobby Lobby to the rescue!

Jgurl and I spent a total of 20 minutes putting this bad boy together late one night. I SUPER love it!

Don't mind the blinds in the bottom. The stupid cat decided to play with them while I was snapping this photo.

They are a smidgy longer than the old nasty colorless valance, but I like it that way!

About a month ago, I was at the Goodwill Outlet center. The story of that place is for another day, but I found this gem amongst the home goods.

Seeing as it was the perfect colors, I picked it up and took it home with me. Gave the cover a wash, shot the pillow up with some Lysol first, then some Febreeze and we were in business!

With a few more throw pillow covers, the rec room is finally complete! I am happy with the changes that I made!

With the previous totals, here is what the room cost me:
Spray Paint: $3.50
2 yards of fabric: $14.98
3 pillow covers: $15 (for all 3)
Gold and maroon pillow: $.49
Grand total: $33.97

November 28, 2016

Yes, I am still here.
No, I can not make a good enough excuse as to where I have been and what I have been doing.

I cant even count the number of times I have started to write something and just ran out of steam.

One of the ways I have been passing my time the last six months? Turning NiceGuy's house upside down. He LOVES it. No, really. Ok, maybe not so much.......

When my mom was here for Christmas 2015, we were talking about the curtains, throw pillows, valance and curtain rods in the rec room, and how much I wanted to update them.

We talked colors, and things I could do that albeit small, could make a large impact. So I got to work!

I first tackled the curtain rods. Here is what they looked like before. And yes, that IS a treadmill in my living room.

I took them down, dusted, cleaned, and got the spray paint out.

A quick fix, and I love the new look!

Don't mind the blank corner........ that's a work in progress.

I am really pleased with how it turned out! 

1 can of black spray paint: $3.50
Homemade spray booth in the garage: free

Tune in tomorrow for the valance and throw pillows.

April 22, 2016

F*@% You Fridays

Welcome to a brand new segment: F*@% You Fridays! I think the title is self explanatory, no?

So let's dig in!

This week, A BIG FAT F*@% YOU to the youth of America.

You over-indulged, participation trophy recipients, entitled bunch of assholes. I am SICK and TIRED of listening to you whine and moan because you are "OFFENDED" or didn't get what you wanted, when you wanted.

This goes to all you 13-25 year olds out there. Who only think of themselves. Who want everything handed to them on a silver platter because they were fucking BORN. Work for a goal? Why? When mommy and daddy will pay for it because they "hurt my feelings". Ugh.

Perfect example: I went to back out of my parking spot, at my job. (You know, that place you go to work and if you do a good job they PAY you). Since my office is on a main road, I cross the sidewalk to back out of my spot.

Yesterday, like every other day, I started to back out. I saw a young gal (read: twat) crossing the street in the crosswalk. Not certain if she was coming my way or not, I opted to wait for her. She DID come my way, and like a responsible adult, I waited, made eye contact so she knew I had seen her, and didn't move until she had cleared the back of the car.

All of this sounds reasonable right? I had the drivers side window down as the car was kind of warm. As this KID comes around my car, she turns back over her should and says "You know you are blocking the sidewalk right?"

I lost my shit. I yelled at her "How else do you expect me to back out of my parking spot?" She kept mumbling and I was getting more worked up. I yelled out again that she was full of shit (classy right) and that this was "bullshit" and then sped away. I may or may not have given the bird to a teenager when I drove away.

I was truly shocked. I WAITED for this little GEM of a girl to cross the street instead of making her wait for ME. And she had the balls to say I was blocking the sidewalk? FUCK YOU. Until they invent flying cars I will continue to back out of my parking spot the way I always do. Maybe you should walk on the other side of the street because if I see you again? I not only wont wait for you? I will follow you home and talk with your parents. About what a NICE young lady they are raising.

You are messing with the wrong girl. I may not have been the most respectful teenager growing up but I certainly raised my kids to be that way. And if I heard of my kids acting like this to other people? I would beat them senseless.

Mic. Drop.

March 1, 2016

Now accepting applications...........

I realize I am about to loose some friends, readers (and possibly family members) over this post. But is that stopping me? Hell to the no!

When "The Don" first put his hat in the Presidential Ring I thought to myself "oh this ought to be good". I am going to get a few laughs out of this, as will the rest of America, and The Don will go away thinking of himself as a success.

Well folks, we are WAY past the entertainment value and The Don has over stayed his welcome in the political arena. I am not quite sure what happened to the fine people of the United States. I think everyone has left their common sense at the bottom of a glass, in some seedy bar on the outskirts of town.

How else can this over tan, pompous, comb-over sporting, blowhard jackass actually be considered as leader of the free world? Are we actually saying that his reign can be any better than those who came before him? Come on America. Get your shit together.

The pool of POTUS hopefuls can not be SO LOW that we have to scrape the bottom of the barrel with this asshole. I can not even begin to list all of the issues that I have with him........ there isn't enough room on this page.

I think John Oliver pretty much got everything here that I missed. Watch. And prepare to be as horrified as I am at the thought that Mr. Trump could actually win 3 states. 

So, I am just putting it out there now. I LOVE my country. And I am PROUD to be an American.

But IF Donald Trump, or even worse, Kanye West (shudder) become president of the United States? I am moving to Canada. Seriously. I am starting to take applications for a roommate. Since NiceGuy wont go with me.

Even my mom knows I would be better than The Don. She got me this button for Christmas.

January 26, 2016

Scrap-a-palooza 2016

Two weeks ago it was my annual scrap book weekend retreat. I pack up all my scrappin' supplies, load up my car, grab the Jgurl and all her scrappin' loot, and drive a very full Exploder to the old convent about 75 minutes away. 

We get there on a Friday afternoon (about noon-ish) unload all our crap, change in to comfy clothes and get to work! 

Yeah right! While most of us actually DO get SOME scrap booking in while we are away from life for 3 days, there are a lot of shenanigans that go down. And that is my favorite part! This year was no exception! 

Missions completed:
TP of Miss Em's bedroom
TP of Ms Vicki's scrap desk
Funny notes left on doors
Eating too much junk (yes, that is two pats of butter on my plate. No judgement) 
Staying up too late (hence the hunched over my desk 15 min nap I took before lunch Sunday) 
Laughing so hard I tinkled
Jumping out to scare people from dark corners, or under tables

It really was a great weekend! Although there are two ladies who always seem to find SOMETHING bitchy to do to our back of the bus group, we manage to still have a good time. Even if that good time is plotting things we wish we could do to them (but we wont risk it for fear of being kicked out of the event every year). 

Ask ANY scrapper and you can either come up with a sticker, embellishment or cricut cartridge that is JUST the right thing for your page. This year? #Joangela outdid themselves....... we found the PERFECT representation of our two arch nemesis..... 

See if you can figure it out! 

January 14, 2016

This. Just this.

This feeling I have every day? It's awesome, and I cant imagine going another day without it. What is it you ask? Well, let me see if I can explain it to you, and in the process TRY to do it justice. 

A little shy of 2 years ago, this man walked in to my life. I immediately saw (and felt) something different. He was a gentleman, he actually listened when I spoke, and my quirkiness did not seem bother him. At all. In fact, he seemed to embrace it. 

Due to my not so stellar line up of men prior to meeting NiceGuy (I am pretty sure my man picker was broke) the poor guy had several hurdles to jump over, unbeknownst to him. 

With every challenge, freak out, question, and uncertainty I showed/presented/shoved in his face, he handled them all with patience. And grace. And understanding. 

He took all of my hurt, my distrust, my defensiveness, and offered up a salve, a solution, an understanding. He patiently waited for me to see that the other shoe was NOT going to drop, and to realize that he was EXACTLY what he said he was. And he did EXACTLY what he said he would do. Never fully comprehending (at least that is the way it seemed to me) that my experiences taught me that no man in my life had ever done that for me. No man had ever showed me that I could trust him, rely on him. 

A very BIG revelation came to me the other night, and it shocked me to my core. For the FIRST time in my life, I am in a healthy relationship. With someone that I love. Who loves me. TRULY. I am FINALLY able to show Lil C and Doodle what their mom looks like when she is happy. And 100% herself. All my chips are in. Not only with those rugrats or her friends, but with the man in her life. Whoa. 

NiceGuy accepts me for who I am, every god damn day. Yeah, I have faults. And a past. And issues that I can certainly work on. But you know what? He is there for every step of the way. Supporting me. Understanding me. And loving me on top of it. Do you know how fucking cool that is? 

Where has this man been all of my life? I know they say you have to go through some bad eggs before you truly appreciate a good one... but I wish he had been around so much earlier than he was. Because I am selfish like that. 

It is such a crazy thing to hear my friends tell me how much they like him (that has NEVER happened before) and how well we fit together, how great it is to see me so happy, and how he just fits in with our group, like he has always been there. That is NOT and easy accomplishment. My village is pretty god damn kooky!!

I am sure NiceGuy will be HORRIFIED to see that I am singing his praises so publicly. But I had to. He is SO.Freaking. Awesome. And he deserves to know how wonderful he is. 

This song sums up how I would like to be the rest of my life...... with NiceGuy by my side. On as many Double J adventures as we can possibly make happen. 

January 12, 2016

Where in the heck did the rest of 2015 go?

If you could figure out how the last 3 months have managed to fly by so quickly that would be great. It seems like October through December ALWAYS zoom by so fast that I barely have caught my breath and then its January, and that time of year when you make stupid resolutions.

I made some "goals" for myself. No necessarily a resolution per se. Just things I would like to work on in 2016. So here goes.

Goal #1. I have decided........... to stop biting my tongue. Shocking, I know, since most of you think I dont know how to do this in the first place! But really! So MANY things I let slide, or grumble to my friends about, or stewed on privately. NO MORE. Most people seem to think I have little to no filter anyway, so I am going to live up to it. Why not?

Goal #2. Try to stop interrupting people when they are speaking. Or trying to guess what they are going to say. It annoys the people around me.

As I like to do, I have taken a moment to reflect on my favorite moments of 2015:

  • Taking my first trip to Vegas with NiceGuy and our first "real" vacation together

  • Doodle turns 16 AND gets her drivers license

  • Lil C moves out of my house

  • I move in with NiceGuy

And my least favorite moments of 2015:

  • Boy child stress
  • Having to move unexpectedly
  • Having my car broken in to

I also thought to myself...... why not make a monthly goal? Isn't that  much easier than a yearly one? And it seems like a much easier thing to accomplish then putting stress on me all year.

Monthly Goal for January 2016: PURGE! Get rid of crap that is not needed, organize and categorize what I truly need, and what needs to go. I am sure I can find a home for all my goods.......

I would love to hear what your goals are for 2016. Feel like sharing? I will pull up a chair, with a glass of wine, and listen. Tell me.

October 13, 2015

Don't touch THAT box!

Gawd! It has been a while since we had a chance to chat friends. So pull a chair and a large glass of wine my friends. and I will tell you a story! 

NiceGuy and I were planning on moving in together (big step right?) closer to my January 31st 2016 lease renewal. Well, due to some interesting things happening with the management company at my townhome, that date got moved up. To Labor Day weekend. THIS YEAR

Oh boy. Let the mad rush to start packing and purging commence!  It is amazing to me how much shit (and I do mean shit) that I accumulated in 2 1/2 years. Where did it all come from? 

2 days before the big move, Doodle was helping me pack some stuff and she put this box on her head. And started dancing around. What a goof ball......... I am was doubled over I was laughing so hard! 

I finally get all packed (well mostly anyway) and moving day arrives. This was my last glass of wine on the porch of the townhouse..... 

 Moxie drives me down bright and early Saturday morning to the U-haul rental place.... which turns out to be a taxi company office in a SUPER run down part of town. 2 damn near homeless looking guys are standing by the front door, one with a cell phone attached to his ear and the other? Missing almost all of his front teeth. They usher me in to their "office" which reeks of stale cigarettes and musty furniture and I immediately turn around to make sure Moxie is right behind me. 
We get the truck (after the jackass with the cell phone glued to his ear tries to tell me how to back it up) (insert eye roll) and get back to my house to load it up. 

We manage to get everything in the rental truck (in one load) except the loose stuff that wasnt packed. Lil C and his friend were a great help to NiceGuy, Moxie and I. 

Now, for those of you that have helped me move before, you KNOW I am a nervous wreck. There are certain things I do NOT let ANYONE ELSE BUT ME move. Some of my most prized possessions. And I will yell at you if you touch them. And I will have at least ONE meltdown and I will want to curl up in a ball and cover my ears, rocking from side to side....... Sounds like a good time right? 

I texted this picture to my mom........ captioned "Keeping the important stuff safe". This vase is so cool, and one of the things I have long coveted. It belongs to my grandparents. Everywhere they traveled together, they got a match book/box. man if this vase could talk, I am sure it would have some great stories! 

Here is the WALL/MOUNTAIN of stuff I brought in, and set in the front living room, not to mention the crap that got dumped in the garage. 

This WALL is approximately 5 feet tall (so my height) and as you can see, NiceGuy and I had small rabbit trails to get to the bedroom and kitchen. 

Here it is after 2 weeks.........

3 weeks.......

And last week! 

Doodles room is done, well almost. We just found the comforter and sheets she wanted, so now we can paint her room. We are still on the hunt for  headboard that she likes but her room is fully functional as of now and she is happy to have her own space. 

The garage is 90% done, the kitchen and laundry room are done and the master bedroom is almost done. It has been A LOT of work, and NiceGuy has been SO patient with me. NOTHING is where it used to be in his house, and I am ever so grateful that he rolls with all the changes!

I am SO looking forward to the day that I come home from work, and I dont have a "project area" that I want to complete before I go to bed that night. I feel really at home, and am liking my new digs very much! 

September 4, 2015

Back to scool shopping...... 2015 style

Weekend before last Doodle and I ventured out to get her some new duds for school. Doodle mapped out the stores she wanted to go to, in what order, and what she was looking for to complete this falls wardrobe.

Her first stop on the list? Forever 21. Lord help me, I love to hate this store! There is an outlet mall by our house, so we went to that instead of driving 20 minutes to the mall. I gave myself a mental pep talk, strapped on my big girl panties and marched in to the store. I was there 5 minutes and I was ready to leave.

First: I am not sure what marketing ploys Forever 21 is trying on their customers, but I don't like it. Not one bit. Most stores will have items grouped together, with multiple size offerings of said item. Not F21! They may have a rack with all black clothing on it, but do you think even 2 of those items are the same thing? Uhm, no! The size medium or large is on the OTHER SIDE of the store, making you wade through the other racks, in hopes that you will buy something else. Not to mention having to pass the idiotic tweeny boppers who are shopping in a group of 5, or with their mom's who are trying hard to keep up with hopping from rack to rack. Or giving up completely like I did. Standing in the middle of the store waiting for my kid.  

Second: While assisting Doodle in the dressing room, (by standing outside the door trying not to roll my eyes at what I was seeing come out of the OTHER dressing rooms)  I see this happen next to me:

Tweenybopper (TB): (comes out of dressing room to address mom) "I don't know, are these shorts too tight?"
Mom of said tweeny bopper (TBM): "No! They look great! Here, try this tank top with them" (said tank top was put on was as tight as the shorts)
TB: "I don't like that color. Do they have it in (fill in the blank as I didn't hear that part)
TBM: "Let me go see what else I can find....."

Here's what fascinated me by this whole convo: the TB's shorts? Were EATING her ass crack! And the TBM? Not only saw that, was telling her how great they looked AND was trying to find something to go with said shorts. And while TBM toddled off in her fancy pants capris and low cut top, trying TOO hard to look like her teenager, I thought to myself: Another generation of hookers is born.

I am not a prude by any means, and showing a little décolletage or curves is ok. But for shits sake, its our job as parents to make sure our DAUGHTERS are dressed appropriately! I don't care what's in fashion, you can always find something that you can dress your girl in that does not make her look like she is ready to take to the streets. End rant.

Third: I have officially reached the age, according to my kids, that I am not so cool anymore. I held up several things for Doodle to try on, and got a no and/or a laugh, eye-roll, head shake. Since when did I become so out of the loop? It's not like I wear elastic waist pants and a kitty sweatshirt. Yet.

Thankfully the day ended with MOST of the things on Doodles list being purchased. It was a loooong day. I was ready for a large and in charge glass of wine!

We are still on the hunt for two more items, but they have to be JUST right, so who knows when that will happen. I am just glad I only had ONE girl to shop for. I don't know how people with 2 girls or more do it.

August 12, 2015

Summer 2015

It's only been two months since I last posted but man it feels like a LIFETIME!
What could I have been possibly doing since we last chatted? Everything and anything!
Celebrated Doodle's 16th birthday.......... and took her to get her drivers license. Then let her drive my car. Alone. On the road. Oi.
Hiking, hiking, and some more hiking! NiceGuy and I are slowly conquering all the hills on the Mountain Loop Highway. Some hiking observations:
I like to start by 930am so we are done and off the mountain in time to grab some dinner (and a well deserved beer) before 9pm
  • I really hate people who cant keep their mouth shut in the forest. It's ok to talk, but if I hear you from a quarter mile away (like some annoying high school twat?) All I really just want to do is hurl something at you so you fall down the mountain and shut the fuck up. Mmm k?
  • NiceGuy made me a walking stick, which I love. How cool is that?
  • I like to start by 930am so we are done and off the mountain in time to grab some dinner (and a well deserved beer) before 9pm
  • I like the less populated hikes
We (me, Doodle and NiceGuy) took a road trip down to see my mom and Grandma in Oregon. We drank some local beer, explored some cool waterfalls and spent quality time with the fam.
Enjoying some of the fun stuff Mtown and a neighboring town have to offer: Old car shows, music in the park, fairs and much more!
Binge watching #OITNB with my Doodle, as well as our FAVORITE summer guilty pleasure.......... Big Brother! Sadly, this has been one of the more boring seasons of BB yet.
More and more time has been spent on the back of the bike with NiceGuy. I am really feeling quite comfortable back there, which is amazing considering how nervous I was to get on the bike to begin with.
Next up? #Staycation2015. Cant wait to share it with you all.

June 2, 2015

Lines have crossed, and barriers have been thrown out the window!

With what took place on Saturday, I may need to turn in my Coochie Card. I will let you be the judge.

NiceGuy and I have been together a little over a year. As most women know, you take great pains to look your best the first time you meet someone (I assume men do too?)
As time marches on, some of the things you do in your beauty routine fall by the wayside. I am not talking about the girls who get up early on the first couple of "sleepovers" to fix their hair and make-up, and you girls KNOW who you are. I am talking about wearing sweatpants and your favorite holy t-shirt in front of them, or no make-up, or not shaving your legs.

I am not super high maintenance to begin with, but I CAN tell you some of the polish and shine has worn off. Not that there was too much to begin with, as I consider myself low maintenance in the beauty department. It takes me less than 30 minutes to get ready for work. Shower, dress, hair, make up.

But back to my point. This past weekend NiceGuy and I headed out for a hike. As we FINALLY reach the top, we sit down on a rock in the sun to rest, hydrate and eat. I am sweating from head to toe. As I scratch the side of my cheek, I feel that one PESKY hair.

As you know, women reach a CERTAIN age where Nanny Goat hairs pop up. For most of us, those little gems pop up on our chins, and usually when we are out in public in the light of day for EVERYONE else to see. Like it's shouting "Look at me! I am right here! Helloooooo?"

Well, lucky me (this is going to come back to haunt me I just know it) my Nanny Goat hair comes in on the side of my cheek in those fine hairs in front of my ear. So, while it is NOT as noticeable, unless I point it out to you, this also means it is HARD to see. I can feel the little fucker, but I cant always grab it with my trusty tweezers.

So, in what I can only describe as a moment of "I dont fucking care anymore", I asked NiceGuy to pull it out for me. Gasp! Right? I have NEVER asked a member of the opposite sex to help me with ANYTHING beauty related.
Scratch a spot on my back I cant reach? Yes, please help me! Massage a sore spot, sure! But pull my Nanny Goat hair? That's it. Any pretense of barriers is gone. So I ask you this: do I need to have my Coochie Card pulled? Or am I over-reacting? I know NiceGuy is probably not as excited (read HORRIFIED) as I am to relive this story! 

I will wait, dear readers, while you decide my fate, marveling in my ability to over share with the internet.
You're welcome.

April 17, 2015

Sin City is for ME!

3 weeks ago, NiceGuy, Moxie, Nappy Tabs and I hopped a plane and went to Sin City for 4 days of fun in the sun. And oh man, was it FUN!
Checking in at Bally's

Now, this was my FIRST time in Vegas (sad right?) and let me tell you what! Having NiceGuy as our built in tour guide (and a good looking one at that) was the way to go!
Here is what I took away from my visit to Sin City:

Anything goes in Vegas
The lights of the strip really are bright/fun/fantastic
You can take an open container ANYWHERE
Not one person looks at you funny when you order a beer (or cocktail) with your breakfast. At 10am.
People watching in Vegas is a MUST
You can get what you want, when you want, because the place never sleeps. Some people could get in to a LOT of trouble with that.
Everything costs more than you think....... but its worth it
It would be necessary to live there for a month to get to see everything that I want to see
IF I lived there for more than a year I think I might need a new liver.........
The people who bring kids to Vegas are stoopid

Here are some of my favorite photos from Vegas. Of course these are NOT the ones I shared on Facebook....... I have a filter. I just rarely use it.
Only in Fremont....... (He might kill me for posting this picture but I couldnt resist)

I am certain that the security at Ceasar's has seen worse than this.....

Dayum! Look at my hot date!
At the Mirage.......... (what else do you do when YOU see a golden mermaid?)

And the alcohol graveyard we left for the maid......... We tipped her well though.
Is it time to go back to Vegas yet?