May 31, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend

We stayed in this year. Which was just fine with me.

I had some things I wanted to accomplish around the house, and the kidlets wanted to hang with their friends. Plus, Big C had a baseball tournament. That meant PB and I were not going anywhere......

Since it was an busy but uneventful weekend, we shall let the cell phone pics do that talking.

 Friday dinner with friends on the water. Smoked Salmon Ravioli, garlic bread and a glass of Merlot.

 FINALLY finished this project for Doodle's room! You will have to wait until tomorrow to see the final product.

 Value Village bright and early Monday morning. EVERYTHING was 1/2 off! I scored 2 brand new pairs and 2 brand new tank tops! I also bought a tank for Doodle, another tank for me and 3 coffee table books. 2 hours and cart full later? Out the door for $32.64!

I had driven by the cemetery and seen the flags up all weekend and really wanted to get out there to take pictures. Doodle and I went Monday, and were delighted with all the flags that were displayed. A visual display of thanks for all the Veterans who served our country.

So, there were still a few things that were on my list that didn't get done, but overall was a nice weekend. Did you get your to-do list done? Or did you go out of town?

May 24, 2012

Mortality Musings.......

This has been a weird 2 weeks. Interesting conversations, thought provoking statements, facing my own mortality..... Pass the wine bottle please.

One such conversation went a little something like this:

PB: My ex wife called. She is at the walk in clinic.

ME: Oh no, is she ok?

PB: Yeah. (Rattles off her symptoms) She was upset and not sure what to do so she called me. After we figured out she should be seen by a medical professional, (duh lol) I told her that if she needed anything else to call back.

ME: Wow....... I think that's great that she can call you. The LAST person I would call if something was wrong would be HeeHaw.

PB: That is sad.

ME: You're right, it IS sad. The ONLY reason I would call HeeHaw is if I was dying. And I needed to make sure that he and LL did not fuck up the children's lives.

I am certain, that if I die before the children become adults, forced to leave my children with their father and his wife, that I will be stuck in transition. Like in limbo. Not yet able to claim my first class ticket to Hell on  the Express train.

I know I will have to stick around, making sure that the wee people are watched until they are the ripe old age of 18. You know I need to stick my nose in what's going on, and try to steer them in the right direction.

What would suck is knowing I would have no more influence on these young impressionable people. That they would be stuck with whatever HeeHaw and LL deem appropriate, which we all know is VASTLY different than what I think should be done.

I will be stuck wondering if I did enough to make them think for themselves, see all points of view, experience new and great things, try new adventures......... or would they worry too much what other people think?

Oh, the things us divorced parents think about. Ugh.

I have jealousy about the relationship that PB has with his ex-wife, but not in the way you think.

I would love to have the kind of relationship they do: civil conversations with each other, easy transitions for drop off and pick up, able to share holidays with no argument, even PB's ex able to call and ask for a ride to the doctor when she hurt her neck a few weeks ago.
But, alas, this is not a reality for me. HeeHaw and I are oil and water, always have been, always will be. I don't foresee a time when we can actually be in the same place, at the same time, without me wanting to be drive some sharp object in to my eyeball.

We are so fundamentally different. In fact, there are very few things that I can think of, as I sit here at my computer, that HeeHaw and I actually agree on. How we stayed married for as long as we did is amazing to me. I can only attribute that to pure stubbornness on my part.

So, dear reader, I ask you this: do you think if enough time passed that you could be friendly with your ex? Or will those waters always be muddy?

May 11, 2012

Pallet Project

I stumbled across this blog and saw this:

I knew I had to give this a try..... well as soon as I could get my hands on a free pallet! I have been seeing more and more pallet projects: on the blogs I follow, all OVER Pinterest too.

A few weeks went by before I had an opportunity to grab myself a free pallet. Girl Scout cookies had arrived, and that meant unloading the semi truck FULL of yummy cookies, which were loaded and stacked on.......... PALLETS!

Now, they normally take the pallets back with them, as a way of re-using or recycling them. Luckily, one was left behind. I asked if I could keep it, and they were more than happy to accommodate my request!

So, I get home, lugging none other than a VERY blonde pallet. PB takes one look at the pallet, one look at me, and says "I don't even want to know". Ha ha!

The tricky part of this whole project was this: PB is like anal retentive O.C.D. and hates, hates, hates, (did I mention hates?) a mess. I knew this project was going to make one unholy mess, sooooooooooooo, I had to wait for him to be gone for an entire weekend to even start.

Lady Luck once again shined down on me a few weeks later when....... PB was invited to play in a gold tournament OUT. OF. TOWN. Where he would be gone the ENTIRE weekend..... a couple of HOURS away. Y.E.S!!!!!!

He left on a Thursday night. After I got home from my Zumba workout, I made a beeline for that pallet. It has been calling to me softly from the garage all week...... since the first moment I heard PB was going to be gone. I had been itching to give it a makeover, and my chance was here at last!

First things first: it was WAY too blonde for me. Some color was definitely in order. The day before I had picked up a small can of wood stain from Fred Meyers, a plastic drop cloth, and a nice brush. Because I am a retard, I forgot to take a "before" picture of my pallet.

Here it is, after the stain job. Sucky photos because, in true Banjo style, I forgot my camera at the office (after needing it take some pictures of a customers motorcycle) so I was stuck with cell phone pics in very low light.

Saturday, after Doodle's soccer game, I got to work altering the front sitting room. My friend Garden Chick came over to help me as I knew I would not be able to hang that pallet on the wall all by my little lonesome.

I had sought the advice of several people as to how to hang the pallet on the wall, and make sure it stayed for good. I got ideas and suggestions all over the board.

So, I went with the most common theme. 3 inch wood screws. Pre drill holes in pallet as to make it easier when the time came to hang it on the wall.

Garden Chick and I prepped the wall: found the studs, measured and marked the spots where I needed the screws to be, and set out to hang this sucker on the wall.

Well, several swear words, power tools, mis-markings, blood, sweat, tears, desperate please to the neighbor for different screws and 2 1/2 hours later? We had the damn thing on the wall!

It was heavy, awkward, and chalk full of places for Garden Chick and I to get splinters, but we persevered and got that beaut on the wall. Between Garden Chick and I, we pulled together all the items I wanted on the pallet, and started the fun part. Decorating!

I love, love, love these little glass containers of loose beads and pearls.

My favorite bottle of wine, given to me by Spice Rack!

Isn't this awesome?

I still have some work to do in this room, but it is slowly getting there. These picture do NOT do this pallet justice. Just sayin......

PB saw it the minute he walked in the door, and................ he really liked it!!! (huge sigh of relief). I knew that if he had been home during this project he would have told me "NO" I could NOT hang a dirty pallet on the wall........... LOL.

Success??? I think so! I love walking in the door and seeing it every day!

May 10, 2012

Quiet Musings

Mothers Day is rapidly approaching.

Prior to the divorce, I would spend Mother's Day "non-mothering". Are you all familiar with that?

I would decide what it was I wanted to do that day. Whether going to lunch with my friends, shopping kid free (a wonderful treat when they were younger), a mani/pedi session, or just crafting the day away, I was free to do as I wished. I was free to not feel bad for taking the day off. My children knew I loved them, and vice verse, so there was no guilt for taking a "mommy" holiday.

Most years, after I was done "non-mothering" the family and I would either sit down to a meal made by the children, or be taken out to eat.

There was a year when our group of hood-ladies got all the kids together and they cooked us a wonderful brunch AND did all the dishes!

Like most moms I know, it is nice to be recognized and/or appreciated for the job we do 365 days a year. So, we relish in taking a day off and basking under the glow of thanks for a job well done.

This year is a little different for me.

Now, this will be my 3rd Mother's Day since the divorce. No biggie, but as usual, each year brings it's own special challenge. LL has been in the picture for a whole year as the chitlins step-mom.

Last year, I really didn't have any weird feelings on this day. This year? Yep. They are here. Awesome.

Now, ever since LL has been in the picture, HeeHaw has been quick to toot her step-mom horn, making sure that I, as well as everyone else know, what a great motherly figure she is. While HeeHaw took every opportunity to tell me what a crappy job I did as a mom, apparently that is not the case with LL.

But, I digress. This year, I just feel sad. For several reasons.

1. I have precious few years left where I can mandate my children spend the day with me. Lil C is almost 16. In just 2 short years, he may choose to spend the day with LL instead of me. Oh, joy.

2. I have seriously gone out of my way to make sure Doodle made a mother's day craft for LL at our girl scout meeting. Why? I have NO idea.

3. Have you seen the Hallmark commercial for Mother's Day this year?

What mother do you know who doesn't want to be told all of those things?

Except that my darling children have two people in their life to make those comments to. And what if they choose to save all those goodies for LL?

I know it is stupid, petty. I know that the young people I have birthed have the right to make those statements to LL if that is how they feel.

But I feel bitter about having to share that with someone else. That is all.

So, Happy Mother's Day to all you moms out there. Know that you are doing a GREAT job, and your children are better off for having YOU in their lives.

May 9, 2012

Murder, Dinner, Wedding

A couple of months ago, CHB saw an email come through from Groupon with discounted tickets for a Murder Mystery Dinner theater. So, she rounded up the posse, we all bought tickets, at half price, and impatiently awaited our dinner reservations for........

A Murder Mystery Wedding Dinner!

The whole premise was to dress in tacky wedding attire, or anything that might not be appropriate to wear to a wedding.

Moxie and I were on the hunt for a bad prom dress. She faired much better than I the first time out.

We got all "jazzed" up, and headed out. Late. Shocking? No. PB and Moxie run on their own time table.......

The wedding chapel was almost full when we got there. Everyone else from our party was on time and had already been assigned a table.

 Here is the whole motley crew.......

Melanie and Ty

 Allan and Angela......... otherwise known as "Skip Showers" pool cleaner. He was part of the wedding "party" and was a suspect in the murder of the best man.


 PB and I. Check out my 80's crunchy curly locks........
Each table had to contribute some "vows" for the groom as he forgot his. There were some really great ones!

Loot Muney and Amber

Moxie and I in our terrible bridesmaid dresses and stellar shoes!

I think CHB didn't want her picture taken......

 My favorite shot of PB and I. Did you see his HORRID shirt?
The bride and groom........... slight age difference huh?
The wedding party............
We all had a great time!

May 2, 2012

Thank You Eight Days A Week

I got an award!

I received a Liebster award, thanks to my friend Miss Heidi over at Eight Days a Week!

Like Heidi, I had not heard of this award. It's given to bloggers with less than 200 followers. Yeah, I am a "few" shy of that number. Now that I am a recipient, here is how I get to pay it forward:

1. Link back to the person who gave it to you. (done)

2. Post the award on your blog for all to see. (double done) (toot toot goes my horn. did you hear it?)

3. Give the award to 5 of your favorite bloggers, who have 200 or less followers. (done and done)

4. Leave a comment on your chosen blogs to let them know they are the recipient of this AWESOME award! (triple done, or should I say done times 5?)

Here are the people I paid it forward to:

Ok, Heidi is awesome, supremely talented with her photography and has me green with envy when I see her wonderful DIY projects! She is a great cook, and makes delicious sweet treats too, so dang talented!

Ok, can I just say that every time I read her blog, (replace read with stalk.....) I totally think we are cut from the same cloth, and should I happen to ever be in HER neck of the woods that we are destined to meet?

Supremely artistic and talented! I literally drool over her photography and constantly pick her brain for tips and tricks because really, I want to be just like her!

I love popping over just to see what she has to say today! Her stories draw you in.......... go have a look-see.

When I read her blog I feel like we could have experienced the same thing, except she can write about it way better than I can!

Thank you again Miz Heidi :). You made my day!