November 26, 2013

Episode #236: Where I need to install a zipper where my mouth is

Ever have one of those days, weeks, months even?
Where no matter WHAT you say it ends up coming across exactly the opposite of what you are intending it to?
No matter how hard you try, you can not seem to make your thoughts, feelings, desires, etc, clear?
Like you speak a foreign language and end up using hand gestures and drawing things out in crayon in hopes the other person understands?
What do you do?
Here is what I am learning. Well, attempting to learn.
Sometime, its just better if I keep my mouth shut.
I cant make someone else get it if they don't already. Hence the zipper.
Know anywhere that I can have one installed?

November 21, 2013

Bacon, BACON, B.A.C.O.N.

Ever since MM has been home, I swear I have gone through more bacon that I do all year!
Eating at the mess hall is understandably NOT as good as home cooking. So, MM had been compiling some recipes to try out.
I have had some success, some failures, but through it all? Lots and LOTS of bacon!
New recipes I have tried out:
Homemade Mac and Cheese with bacon
One pan Chicken Alfredo
Crock pot Chicken with Beans
 The Bacon Bomb
Accurately named.
You take an ENTIRE pound of bacon
Weave as you see below
Set aside
On a piece of wax paper, take a pound of sausage
Add spices (onion, salt and pepper, chipotle sauce)
Add a 1/2 pound of cooked and crumbled bacon

Sprinkle generous amount of brown sugar over bacon weave

Roll sausage in to a log
Place on top of bacon weave
Roll in to log

Place on foil on broiler pan
Poke holes in foil
Bake for 2 hours at 325 degrees
Let cool for 15 minutes
Slice in to wedges and serve

Heart attack on a plate? YES
Good? Hell yeah!
This should be served with a Vitamin shake and side of  Crestor!!
We opted for mashed potatoes!

November 5, 2013

Halloween 2013

October 31st dawned much the same as any other day in my house.
Lil C and Doodle off to high school. After a mad rush to get dressed, eat, make a lunch and grab backpacks, we were out the door to the bus stop.
Cold.What else is new for a WA Halloween? If its not raining its freezing temps.
I found myself thinking all day about Halloween's past.
Picking out the perfect costume.
Visiting the pumpkin patch.
Carving the pumpkins.
Halloween day FINALLY arrives and the kids excited to get up and wear their costumes to school.
Rushing home to get some dinner in before heading out to trick or treating.
Frantically trying to get the neighborhood group photo before they all explode with excitement.
Walking after the kids as they collect mountains of candy
Then thawing frozen hands with hot chocolate and cider at Miss Em's house
I miss those days.
This year the kids were just too old to dress up for school and trick or treat.
I want these years back......