July 23, 2009

Pick up Take 1

Wow 6 days went by fast. It is already time to make the 1.5 hour drive back out to camp to pick up the girls. I wonder how may bug bites they have? I am certain that Doodle will stink, her entire bag of clothes will have to be washed and I am sure she brought some camp dirt home with her.

After hugging the life out of her, my first question to myself is: Why isn't your hair in braids????? Last year after a week at camp, Doodle and PIA came home with L-I-C-E. EEEWWWWWWW! We had to do every treatment imaginable including: RID, mayonnaise, olive oil, Listerine and Cetaphil. Not to mention that EVERYTHING had to be bagged up, sanitized and kept away from human contact for several days. The constant combing made you feel itchy all over just thinking about it. Yuck!

Needless to say CHB and I are now a little paranoid about it. She more than me! No sharing of brushes, hair pretties or pillows. We never want to be there again. Anyway, back to Doodle. She smelled, her hair was a rat's nest and she had the biggest smile on her face. This was also little HOW's first overnight camp. She was super jazzed to go and look at that smile on her face!
These camp t-shirts are some of the best I have seen. We have been doing camp for 4 years now and this year's shirt by far exceeds the others. A last walk through camp and a quick stop at the souvenir stand.

I loved this camp when I was a girl and look forward to the pickup every year when the whole way home they talk non stop about camp, sing the new songs they learned and just grin from ear to ear. (While we drive with the windows down to cut down on that camp funk!) Now in 7 days we will do this all over again for the next camp@!

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