July 22, 2009

Kids Workshop

Our library facilitated a workshop with the nice gentleman from Home Depot. They brought all the tools necessary for the kids to make a wood picnic caddy. They got a great orange vest and a pin for completing this project.

Each time you go to a workshop, you can get a pin that has a picture on it of what you have just made. Home Depot has over 100 wood projects like this. Looks like we are a little behind on this huh?

Anyway, power to the girls because away they went. Little help was required by myself for Doodle, master carpenter that she is, to complete the task at hand.

"Bud" stamped the bottom of her caddy when she was done. These gentleman were very patient with all the kids who ranged in age from 5 to 12.

Now all we have to do is paint them. Oh, the color choices!

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