January 10, 2011

Tapers, Gauges, Earrings, OH MY!

Lil C has decided he wants to get his ears pierced. Yep, you read that correctly. My first born. My 14 year old son. My little man. Oi.

Have you fallen off your chair yet? He asked myself and HeeHaw for this to begin with:
O.M.G. Are you kidding me? Of course I pictured Lil C would come home looking like this:

Then I get, "well mom, I want to get these. See, aren't these cool mom?"

I started to calm down once I saw these were faux tapers. It is essentially a regular ear piercing hole that LOOKS like a taper. Whew. Now, to convince HeeHaw.

Lil C thought about it for a few days, wondering what the best way to approach his dad would be. He came to me on Christmas Eve, as Grammie, Doodle and I were sitting around the kitchen table.

"Mom, I don't understand why I can't get my ear pierced if Doodle can do it. That's sexist, and unfair."

Now, you have to admit that is a very compelling argument. I was very proud of him for really taking the time to think about it, and consider what points he wanted to make.

Lil C asked if I would talk to HeeHaw as well if things didn't go well. You can imagine how THAT conversation went.......

I talked with HeeHaw and we came up with a compromise. We would both agree to let Lil C get the faux tapers, under a couple of conditions. Lil C would need to sign the following contract:

To Whom It May Concern:

On this 31st day of December, 2010

I, Lil C, agree to the following as conditions of my getting my ears pierced:

1. Maintain a “C” average at school. (Not “C-“, must be a “C” or better)

2. Agree to not increase the “hole” size of piercing.

3. Agree to not get gauges in my ears

If either of the following is disregarded, I, Lil C, agree to having my ability to get a driver’s license, or take drivers education delayed by a period of one year.

This contract is to allow me, Lil C, to get both of my ears pierced. I may get the “taper” earrings, however this is with the intention of not increasing the size of the hole.






Lil C

All of us, Lil C, HeeHaw and myself were in agreement about this. Now, he would already have these beauties in his ears, if it wasn't for the "accident" that happened New Years Eve.

Lil C was riding around in PB's golf cart with his friend Richie. Lil C was passenger and dropped his phone out of the cart, Richie couldn't stop in time, and ran over Lil C's phone, cracking the front. Lil C is currently collecting money to pay for a new phone. So, once the deed is done, I will "show" you his ears, in all their glory. I am sure you can hardly wait.


Anonymous said...

Aw mom you made him go through all those conditions? its just basically a regular piercing, although i do see why a little hesitant, because once they think its cool they dont want the fake thing they want the real thing haha

Anonymous said...

that is so sad that you wont let your son do what he wants with his body. i got my first facial piercing at FOURTEEN years old! i had 2 tattoos by SIXTEEN! 3 tattoos by SEVENTEEN! and i had my ears gauged to a double zero starting at SIXTEEN and finishing BEFORE i turned seventeen.. if you pierce your ears and gauge them to a double zero or anything lower, your ears can and will return to normal size if and when you ever decide you dont want them anymore. piercings can always be taken out.. let the kid do what he wants and let him make mistakes ON HIS OWN if it happens to be a mistake. who knows, maybe he will ALWAYS like that type of thing. let him express himself!

ShannonOlds said...

I for one think this was a great idea of you. i wasn't "allowed" to get my ears pierced until i was 16. but they never made a big deal about it. my little sister got hers done when she was 14 because she really wanted it, my parents discussed it with her and it all worked out. no big deal. when i turned 16 i didnt want them done. so i got them when i was 21. i think it was great the way you handled it because you taught him to think about his decisions before he solidifies them. you validated his thoughts and gave him reasons why you don't like it, but not that he absolutely can't. great parenting.