January 31, 2011

"INTENT" Update

Well folks, time for the INTENT update!

I have successfully managed to de-clutter, organize, purge and clean 3 of the 4 major closets in my house! Pictures to come soon, although I will warn you now that I forgot to take some of the before pics.....

I have also managed to organize the book shelf. This was a major task because it was FULL of crap!

I hauled out 1 large Rubbermaid tote full of recycle, 1 large Hefty sack full of garbage and have several small boxes of "goodies" to send to the garage sale items for PIA. She is fund raising for a trip to Europe! If you are local, garage sale happens in April, so send over all your stuff! The boxes are still sitting in the living room waiting for me to deliver to CHB's house.........

Hopefully I will post the pics for you tomorrow. I am sure you can hardly wait.

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