January 20, 2011

My heart stopped beating for 2 minutes, I swear

I am seeing R-E-D. I have had it up to my eyeballs yesterday and today with HeeHaw/Henry the 8th/JAMF and any other name in the book I can think to call him!

Here is what currently is chapping my ass:

1. ANYTHING church comes before any other activity the kids have committed to. Sports, Girl Scouts, school. It completely pisses me off. I told HeeHaw that the commitment to school is first, and then comes girl scouts and then sports(basketball, since we signed up for that first) THEN church. He is like, "well since Doodle is only missing one basketball practice I didn't think it was a big deal". Are you kidding me? If that was baseball that would be COMPLETELY unacceptable! Doodle has a science project that was due today that she has done NOTHING on yet she is going to youth group again tonight! Isn't her homework more important???? HeeHaw says that he is committed to being there every week. I told him he can always ask me and I would be glad to take Doodle to practice.

2. EVERY day I hear from Lil C how mean HeeHaw is to him. Now I know this is coming from a 14 year old, but seriously? Every day? Lil C told me that HeeHaw drug him out of the store this past weekend by his neck for asking a question about his phone...... the latest I heard was that he made Lil C go with him last night to his men's meeting and that he made Lil C work the whole time. (Lil C is currently grounded per HeeHaw because he has a D in 2 classes. All phone, XBOX, computer and tv privileges have been revoked until he has a C or better in those classes) Last week Lil C got to stay home and not get dragged along to this meeting. That was before HeeHaw found out about the grades......... Lil C told me Sunday and again today how happy he is to be coming to my house to get away from HeeHaw. How sad is that?

3. This is nothing new but still makes me frustrated: the kids are both complaining about LL constantly correcting them. I just tell them to bite their tongues and to respect her since she is an adult. What else can I do?
4. I got a call from Doodle last night super upset with her father. She can't W-A-I-T for me to come and get her. This just breaks my heart........ 
I know I just have to support my kiddos and open my arms to them with love. I am just struggling because even though I have little to no tolerance for HeeHaw and his narrow minded antics, I don't wish the children to have a bad relationship with him.
I think I am done venting for now........ thanks. I feel better just getting that off my chest and passing along the bad ju-ju to someone else.

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