July 1, 2009

All Stars

Pics to come soon. Last night was the 2nd game for lil' c and the all star team. They beat the other team 17 to 1. Wow! I had to rush from work to get there: who starts a game at 4:00 in the afternoon? On a work day? Do these people think that since it is summer break for the kids it must be for the adults as well?
Anyway, there I was sitting on the bleachers in a skirt and sandals...... at least I looked good right? EH got some good shots with my camera so I will share with you as soon as I have a free minute. Getting ready for the 4th of July camping trip...... you know. Laundry, camp gear, food shopping and prep, checking the list like 5 times!
Yeah, yeah. Back to the baseball. We play again tomorrow. The team we are against just went to the Little League World Series....... should be interesting.

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Amber said...

Yay for C's team! That's awesome! I can't wait to see pictures.
We are going camping this weekend too. Heading out tomorrow afternoon. Have a super time!