July 28, 2009

Over the river and through the woods........

to Girl Scout camp we go!!!
Well it was time to send the girls to camp: Part 2! This time, a whopping 2 1/2 hour drive away. It has been 2 years since we made the trek to this particular camp and now we remember why. It was HOT HOT HOT outside. Projected temp: 90 degrees. Here is how the day went:

10:00 AM Leave house, hit gas station, fill her up! Then get iced mocha to go!
10:15 AM Pick up CHB and PIA at their house.
10:20 AM On the road again!
10:50 AM CHB just remembered she forgot to pack PIA's swim suit!!! OMG!!! We stop at the nearest Target and voila!

Swimsuits that fit and looked great were purchased. Are you sure there is nothing else we have forgotten?

If you are sure? We have it all? Great! Let's go! It's now 11:30 am.

Cruising along the highway........ we are getting hungry! Time to eat! We find a Jack in the Box just off the highway:
Time for some food!

No see food for me; thanks anyway! I prefer to look pretty in my pictures!
So there was another group of 4 ladies at the Jack in the Crack as well. Guess where they were headed??????? CAMP!

12:30 pm CHB and I get in the car, and without us saying it out loud, we knew we were "racing" the other group of campers.

The Tacoma Narrows Bridge. Not a fan of bridges myself..........
Ok that means 30 or so minutes to go. As we come in to town, we are waiting for the light to turn green and who should appear on our right? The ladies from Jack in the Crack. But wait. They are turning right? Why are we going straight? After another mile we realize we have gone the wrong way. We turn around at the self storage place, go back to the light and continue on our merry way to camp. Things are looking good. I think we are going to be to camp by 1:45....
Yeah! We are almost there. But what is that????
Lock your doors ladies! We are obeying THAT sign! So, getting closer by the mile, and CHB is consulting the MapQuest directions that she printed out for us. This is where it says to turn:Guess what? NOT the right place to turn! After jumping out of the car twice, once to ask directions from a man with bad teeth (while CHB locked the car doors) and once to ask some dirt biker with no shirt on, we finally reach a place where we have cell reception and can get the proper directions.

I am on full melt down. We finally find the right road, and for 2 miles we bump along like this:

Needing a new set of shocks, we arrive. O.M.G. I felt like kissing the ground. It is 2:45 pm. We should have been here an hour ago. I am tired of being in the car. It is hot. I have earned the mother of the year award AGAIN by yelling at my daughter as I am about to drop her off for 7 days at camp. Great.

It is hot out here. We take our pics, and we get checked in. Gotta see if the girls have a fever or worse: LICE.
We are LICE free! We do the meds check in and a potty break and now it is time to go check out the place these girls will call home for the next 7 days.
Cook shelter and the canvas tents:
As we kiss and hug those sweaty girls goodbye and head back to the parking lot we are melting. As a rooster tail of dirt comes from the back of my vehicle we high tail it out of there!

Poor girls, melting in this heat. Wonder how sunburned they will be when they get home????


CHB said...

Poor kids! You need more blog followers. Does Polly have the web address?

Banjo said...

yes she does!

Saralee said...

So many fun memories for Chloe and her friends! So happy she can have these carefree happy days!