July 30, 2009

Oh A.C. How I Love Thee

WAY TOO HOT HERE! CHB says "Am I being punked by the weather?" I feel the same way. We have always been lucky here in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. If it gets too hot during the day, the night starts to cool by 7:00 pm or so and we can sleep in relative comfort, waking refreshed and ready to tackle the next day.
Not the case here........ the temperature on my car read 101 yesterday at 6:00 pm. I heard from Moxie at 5:00 pm. In her place it was 72. Tuesday night at my house at 6:00pm it was 94. So of course I invited myself over for a sleepover.
I went home and did temp check. 96. Are you kidding me? That can not be right? Heard from CHB and she was only 91. 5 degrees makes a huge difference. I quickly packed my air mattress, pillow, movies and other overnight essentials and hightailed it over to Moxie's.
I walked in to a beautifully air conditioned pad. I mean pure bliss. It was so great. I never wanted to leave. This was my new oasis away from home. Moxie, I'm moving in! LOL!
So this morning when I got home to shower and change for work, want to guess what the temp was inside? 86. Holy cow! I turned all the fans on and got it down to 81. About 10 minutes before I left for work I turned the fans off again as I did not want to lure any more hot air in then necessary. I checked the temp again before I left: 84. ?????? Hopefully we are able to cool off some tonight.
www.weather.com says we are going to have a high of only 90 today. This I can handle. It means I can sleep in a somewhat comfortable bed. Friday we are supposed to be down to 84 or so. I'll take it.

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