July 24, 2009

Massage Envy

So a couple of weeks back I moved some furniture in my place. A heavy wooden bookshelf that I half unloaded. Always a smart choice when you can't find the little disc's that help heavy furniture glide across the carpet with minimal effort. Like these: http://www.decorate-redecorate.com/furniture-movers-hard-floors.html

Anyway, waking up the next day I was completely stiff in my upper back and my shoulder and neck were all tight. Way to go right? I suffered through the work week and went camping anyway over the holiday weekend. With the help of my friends I was able to stretch it out and actually felt better for the next 2 weeks, until I went to the baseball tourney.

I forgot my bleacher chair, we were 80 miles from home and I sat hunched over all day Saturday and Sunday. Woke up Monday morning and was in a LOT of pain this time. Worse than before.

One of my customers came in to the office on Tuesday, and knowing she is a massage therapist, I asked her if she did deep tissue and when could she get me in?????? I had an appt for Friday late afternoon.

She pummeled, she pulverized, she tenderized, she worked out kinks I didn't know I had. She said to me: "You must close your eyes and imagine that you are a 6 foot lumberjack with shoulders as wide as a linebacker?" Why yes, you are correct!

She showed me the exercises I need to do in order to make sure this does not happen again and sent me along my way. Saturday morning I woke up and guess what? NO PAIN! NO STIFFNESS! It was so nice....... I was sore from the muscle kneading she did but all in all was feeling so much better. Even now, a few days later, no more soreness and no pain.
So good to have my body back the way it should be, but better!

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