August 11, 2009

Spicy Camping or Bust!

And away we go! Here was the "vacation" I had waited 365 days for. As usual, the pre-camping flurry started a few days before we left. Print the list, check and double check the packing list, make the trip to the liquor store, make sure you have all "spicy" supplies and you have ponied up your portion of the group food.
Wednesday morn dawns overcast but dry. By 9:00 am the kids and I are out at the car trying to shove in all the crap it is necessary to take camping. Who knew it took so much to reconvene with wilderness for 5 days?

A last trip to the potty, one window cling later, and we hit the road! Walkie talkies in every car: Breaker, breaker, this is Back Door, Front Door do you copy?
We got some great looks down the road as each of the 4 vehicles had one of these proudly displayed in the window.

We arrive late in the afternoon, unpack every car, and set up camp. Men on tent duty, women on kitchen, camp chairs, wood and craft table. The kids were super troopers and hauled everything in to the site. It was 200-300 feet from where the cars were parked to where we pitched the tents.

Salmon dinner, smore making and kids in tents!

Yucca time here we come!
Ingredients: Large glass jar full of ice, 1 cup sugar, sliced citrus fruit, 1 pint Vodka. Wrap in towel and shake vigorously until layer of ice coats outside of jar. Unscrew lid and pass around. Super slicer here! Everybody loves the Yucca. First time for the "spicy crew" and they definitely want to make it again! Shake shake shake, Shake the Yucca!

Mmmmmm. So good.

One more surprise was in store for Spice Rack. Last year her Bubba Keg kept falling over as it was top heavy. She tried 6 ways to Sunday to prop it up around the campfire. Stands with Wood came up with a great idea: make her a Bubba stand. So, one the 1st night, the offering to Spice Rack was revealed:

Way to go Woody! What will he think if next?

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chb said...

love, love, love the yucca