August 17, 2009

Bits and Peices

Our first day at the "beach" and I use this term loosely, I took some pictures of the cove:

It was not so bad. The cove was pretty and the water was calm. The beach left something to be desired but the view was pretty. The kids got down and dirty and explored.

Some of my favorite shots of the kids are when their backs are to me. I catch them when they don't think I am watching, or maybe they know I am there and are choosing to ignore me since I have the camera in hand?

The camping tooth fairy also made a visit this trip as well. Doodle had come to me after our beach trip and exclaimed her tooth was loose. She thought if she kept wiggling it the darn thing would come out. Well, after an hour of persistence, it was in her hot little hand.

Doodle had a visit during the night from a slightly tipsy tooth fairy and in the morning came marching out of her tent indignant that she "only got a dollar" from the tooth fairy. H.O.W. got $5 when she lost her tooth. I tried to explain the difference between the FIRST ever lost tooth and the 6th or 7th.......... I got the eye roll and huffy breath and her backside as she marched off! Told you I earned that Mother of the Year EVERY day.

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