August 14, 2009

Liquid Nitrogen Fun

We have a resident engineer in Stands with Wood. What other people can tell you they had ice cream while they were camping? They can tell you how much fun they had, how great the beach or weather was, even how good the food was. None of them are telling you they had ice cream made with liquid nitrogen!
Here is Woody in his element: holding science class at camp:

Everyone has to get a look see:

Now time to combine all the ingredients together to make camp ice cream. All eyes were on Miss E. and Stands with Wood as they made this yummy concoction:

But before we can enjoy the ice cream, Stands with Wood gives all the kids a cool treat for all who were willing to try something new. He took Fruit Loops and soaked a couple in liquid nitrogen, then passed a few to each kid and told them to chew it quickly. Here is what that looked like:

Now time to enjoy the fruits or Miss E.'s labor!

Some added chocolate some ate it plain but ALL enjoyed it!

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hope's hopes said...


Liked your style of writing, interesting blog. Liquid nitrogen in an extremely volatile substance and proper care should be taken while using it in kitchen. I hope you have heard story of German chef who recently had an accident while using nitrogen to cook.