August 19, 2009


Ok, so I admit it. I am addicted. Too what you may ask? Well, if you must know........ Internet games! Lord help me. I swear. I sit down to just "check" the facebook and the blogs I read and before you know it I have wandered in to Yoville, Farkle, LatteLand and the Daily Jumble. Good grief.
It is not that the games are bad for me or my mind, there are a LOT of times I have other things I should be doing; working, crafting, folding laundry, cleaning the toilet. What's that saying about the best of intentions?
I just get so sucked in. There is no other definition for it. I enjoy it, perhaps a little too much. Then you find other people who are just like you and before you know it you are having a conversation about the "games" like it is all real! Unbelievable!
It's not enough to be a slave to the Internet in the gaming department. I read 10 or 12 blogs every day and often catch myself salivating over other people's posts. I think of ways I could be more creative in mine, and then I think to myself; who's gonna read it? I have not really advertised that I am doing this. I know I wanted to work out some of the kinks before showing everyone what I was up to.
Well, there is the wandering ramblings of me for today.


CHB said...

That is why I have to just say no to the games. Once I start, I'll never stop :(

Saralee said...

I know the addiction . . . I'm there with you!!