August 13, 2009

Part two:

This was our home for 5 wonderful days:

Spicy camping how I love thee. Spice Rack flies in from Texas every year to come camping with us. This IS my vacation. I don't take plane rides anywhere, no "Vegas for the weekend", small road trips to my mom's house 350 miles away.

We get a group site, where you can fit several tents and we all share a fire pit. It is especially nice that we do not have to separate the kids at night. In fact, we have "kid" tents. One for the boys, one for the girls and the adults double up. I love love love to camp. Not so much in the rain but am game for going. Thank goodness for the Easy Up's.

When the mom's were on a walk about, here is what Miss E. and the daddies did with all the chitlins:

Groucho Marx anyone? I will tell you these kids did not want for activities to do. Between Miss E. and I we had plenty of crafts available for the children. They also had an amphitheater right next to our site and the children set up shop there for daily "meetings" and the raising of the camp flag.

There was also many interesting hair do's at camp:

Some are good, others you wonder if they stuck there finger in the light socket and some are just goofy. That is what it is all about!

We went down to the beach. Hmmmmm, who is calling this a beach? Not! It is rocky and all the rocks are covered when the tide comes in so it is super slimy and slippery. Of course this does not deter the children from seeing all there was to see: Thank Goodness Corn Hustler was able and willing to take them at risk of life and limb while the rest of us scattered off in different directions. You rock CH!

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