August 3, 2009

Mall Rat

Yes, that is what Lil C is. A mall rat. I can not believe it myself. The kid loves to shop for himself! Of course he wants to go to all the stores that I NEVER want to go in:

Of course we also had to get "gussied" up to even GO to the mall:

Good grief. At least he will let me take pictures of him still. Have not told him they are being broadcast on the Internet in living color!!!! Wait until he finds out.....

We had a good time together at the mall, as long as I ignored the blaring music, incense overloaded shops crawling with tweenie boppers. Makes me feel a lot older than I am that my son is now one of them. Here is what he picked out:

1 pair red flip flops: $13.02

1 pair grey Vans: $29.99
2 Aeropostale shirts: 24.50
Dinner at place of choice: $12
A very happy birthday boy: Priceless

Homeward bound for movie and cupcakes.

Happy 13th Birthday Lil C!!

1 comment:

Saralee said...

The boy is growing up! Before you know it he will be a man and we will all wonder where the time went!