January 28, 2010

That time of year again

Well, tax time is here. My return will be here in just a few short days and I already have my list compiled:
1. Pay off my car (YES, YES, YES!!!!)
2. Pay all my bills
3. Pay for spicy camping to Miss Em
4. Pay for my 2011 scrapbook weekend (:p)
5. LARGE shopping trip to Costco (we are gonna fill the cupboards to capacity)
6. Spend some money on me, myself and I (this is the hardest one)
Do you ever feel guilty spending the money on your self? I always did when I had to share the return with someone else. It feels weird this year to have UTTER and COMPLETE control over it, but I find myself excited! I am going to buy some new clothes which I am in desperate need of!
So, what do you spend your refund on? Got a big purchase you have had your eye on for a while?

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