May 11, 2009

Mother's Day

So my friend came up with this great idea: between all the ladies there are 8 children. She decided to have them all over to make bruch for the mom's (and the dad's) and let the children decorate the table. Well, this sounds like my kind of deal. She wants to take all the kids and help them in the kitchen and all I have to do is show up to eat? Count me in!

at each place at the table the children had made a placemat and/or card for their mom.

the gourmet spread that was made with careful hands and the guidence of our resident Martha Stewart! The children served us and we had a very enjoyable meal. Then it was time for KP duty, for the kids!

Get your apron's on and start using that elbow grease!

Then it was time to hit the front yard for pictures. Of course most of the kids were dirty in some capacity. They ate brunch on the back deck....... you can see the dirt all ready can't you?

We had just a small window of time where the sun was shining!
Thanks to my kids for a great brunch and wonderful cards! happy Mother's Day!

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