May 8, 2009

Well I did it..........

So I thought since everyone else has a blog I want one too. Not actually sure who will read it and even if they do, how long they will stick around but it's worth a shot. I thought I would start with the "simple stupid" and post pics of my kids. Isn't that the easiest?

Here are a few random pics from the last couple of months. I got a new camera, a Cannon Rebel and I LOVE it!

My daughter at one of the girl scout workshops: this one was Catapult and they took pieces of candy and literally catapulted them across the gymnasium floor. Then they had to build their own. The demonstrator then took them outside to catapult tennis balls weighted with lead across the grass at the unsuspecting moms......... nice.

Yeah, this one I have to claim as my own. I am sure he will LOVE the fact that I have shared this with everyone. I was messing around with my new camera and he did not want to be the "subject" of the moment. believe it or not, this was one of the better pictures!

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