May 18, 2009

Are we there yet?

12 girls, 5 adults and a 12 passenger van. Where could we be going you ask?

Were "going to the lodge, Great Wolf Lodge. They got lot's of everything for everyone. Going to the lodge, Great Wolf Lodge!"

4 barf bags, 17 overnight bags, 1 triple mocha and the cd case later: we take off. 25 "are we there yet's", one potty break and a cry of excitement as pull up to the Great Wolf Lodge, Grand Mound WA. What a treat this was! My girl scout troop sold over 4800 boxes of cookies and this is what they chose to do with the troop profit.
They could barely could contain their excitement: they could not get inside soon enough. After we checked in, you could feel the hum in the air as we loaded in the bags. Finally, we make it in to the water park. 84 degrees inside, and the strong smell of chlorine are no match for the girls' systems. All they can think of is FUN! WATER! WHERE SHOULD I GO FIRST?

I am sad at the small amount of pictures I was able to take inside the water park. There is water everywhere so I had to be extra careful when having my camera out.

Looks like they ALL had a great time to me!!! I bow to all the mom's who faithfully and tirelessly climbed all those stairs to get to the top, and then to ride down the Howling Tornado and not throw up at the bottom!

Way to go!

Here we all are in front of the MASSIVE fireplace in the main lobby.

Our trip ended so soon. I think I am sending them home pretty tired. I know I am. Hoarse, achy bones, ready to sleep in my own bed............

Sleep well...........

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