May 12, 2009

Soccer Mom.... yeah right!

Every day is a different sport, and some days, like yesterday, you will see me running from one kids activity to the next. Most Monday's you will find as at the soccer fields, at least in the spring you will! I will do most anything to avoid being called the "soccer mom". That usually implies that I am driving a minivan (sorry to all who own one) and as I roll up to the curb, several kids pile out of the vehicle. This term also implies that you are a stay at home mom with nothing better to do then to shuttle your kids from one activity to the next. Now, keep in mind: I would love to be a stay at home mom and wreak havoc on the domestic home front, however for me it is not such a possibility. I work almost 40 hours a week, and with the help of a certain select few (you know who you are!) manage to get to 95% of all activities. Ok, ok, ok, off the soap box I go.
Soccer........... right. As the sun disappeared behind a nasty set of gray clouds and the parents stand there shivering in the strong winds, our team, Purple Crush, takes the field.

Look at the pure concentration on her face....... she means business! Then you see her come off the field and you remember the sweet girl that you sent out there:

We have a wonderful coach who expertly provides the girls with the skills and confidence they need to execute a great game. Look at this shot of one of the players while throwing in the ball! I love her drive!

Needless to say we won the game, although it is all about having fun right? No parent out there will admit out loud to being happy their team won a game. Why is that? Were we not all brought up that there are winners and losers? Oh, I'll save THAT topic for later.

So it is off to baseball we go. Still cold outside, windy but no rain. Thank goodness. After a quick outfit change in the car we are dressed for baseball. We haul all of our gear to the bleachers, folding bleacher chair, camera, snacks, blankets, gloves and hats, and find a place to land. When it comes to baseball, of course I want my kids team to win however it doesn't bother me if they lose. Until they have to play THIS team. I don't care for the other coach, his style of coaching, or how he treats his player. So of course our team NEEDS to win this game. We have played them twice before and lost and it is crucial we beat them.

Here is my son catching every ball thrown at him. He really likes to be catcher. Now tension is high as in the first 3 innings we are behind. But here comes innings 4, 5 and 6 and man oh man do we rally! Every kid on this team was hitting the ball or getting on base somehow and it was amazing to watch.

Now this is a shot from a game on Saturday but I had to give you some visual effect right? Have I mentioned that I love my camera? Anyway, as we go in to the 5th inning, my son is now on the pitchers mound. He did all you could ask a kid to do. He threw strikes, right over the plate. As our bats heated up, he kept the other team's runs to a minimum. It was a little tense when my son's best friend, who plays for the other team, came up to bat against him. He went down swinging, and our team pulled out the victory, 10-8!! As we did the happy dance in the bleachers, I looked down at the other coach and he is UPSET. I would not want to go home with him, that's for sure.

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