May 22, 2009

Short timer's disease

I have it. A full blown case. I can't even concentrate on the work I should be doing. I am ready for 3 days away and well deserved. I want to sit around the campfire, with CHB and her hubby, drinking some kind of spicy beverage and enjoying the sunshine and campfire smoke smell.

the kids will run and play amongst themselves, finding all kinds of "nature" to enjoy while we sit and relax. Camping for me is a vacation. This is what I do. I don't go stay in some fancy hotel in some far away place, not like I could afford it anyway. This is my one opportunity a year to get in touch with my redneck side and I LOVE it!!!

Peace out! I am incommunicado for 4 days!

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Amber said...

Hope you had a fabulous time!