May 15, 2009

Choir cuties......

Last night was the choir concert, and this time, just our school. No more of this choir concert with the whole school district and the Nazi choir director. A couple of months ago there was a big event: all elementary and middle school choirs in our town got together for a song fest. Now there are like 11 k-5 schools and 3 middle schools. Each choir did 2 songs and then they had 2 numbers where EVERYONE sang together.

The director must have been compensating for his size because he was so controlling, definitely OCD. There was this laundry list of things you could not do when the kids where on stage: no flash photography (you may dazzle the kids on the bleachers and we would not want to have an accident) no cell phones, only leave your seat during a song break to use the restroom, and the list goes on.

So of course, the first thing I did was take out my camera and use some flash photography! I couldn't resist! Here is my shot from the front row of the gym seating:

Now this is only 1/2 the kids that were there. While Mr. Nazi Choir Director was explaining how we were to be a "good audience" the kids behind him were loud and talking. So he turns around, tells the Choir that he will wait until they are quiet before he continues. So we all sit there and wait. For the longest 3 minutes of my life!And the concert goes on and on and on and on and you get the picture. Maybe it is just me, but I really am not interested in hearing the other choirs and what they are singing. I am there to support my kid but MAN ALIVE! This concert went on forever! 2 hours and by then my butt was numb from sitting on the folding chairs..........

So anyway: back to the original reason for the post: Last night the concert was just our school. They did some great songs and even had a song they did sign language to. It was very touching.

This was the cutest song! "It was a duck, a duck in the dark!"

"Surfer Dude's say Woh...." (so cute: all the girls sing this line, and then the boys say "woh")
Of course these were the most adorable girls in the whole show:

All in all, a short (40 minute) and sweet concert! My favorite kind!

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