October 21, 2013

Did I really just give up 15 minutes for that?

This weekend while snuggled under the blankets in the living room, in the middle of the afternoon, I saw some very interesting things on the boob tube. I was watching a Sex in the City marathon, something I don't get to do very often.
Anyways, I swear every other commercial was an infomercial for one of two things.
The first? The Perfect Bacon Bowl, you can check it out HERE

You can use it for SO many things! Bun-free cheeseburgers, salads, appetizers, chocolate dipped and filled with ice cream. The possibilities are endless!
As I sat there watching it, I thought to myself "Of course you WANT one of those"...... and then the practical side kicked in.
I have perfectly good muffin tins and tin foil. I can make my own. DUH!
I can save myself the $14.95, the shipping and handling, AND talking with someone who is undoubtedly outside of the good 'ole USA
So, while I had to continue to see the commercial every 10 minutes for the next few hours, I knew it was not going to be on my Christmas shopping list.
This next one totally boggles me. 
Twist Ease.
You can check it out HERE
The question ought to be "Why would you WANT to?"
They are advertising it as having the latest trends in hair without having to take the time or effort to actually braid your own hair.
And how these different colors will match ANYONE'S hair color.
Yeah RIGHT.No thanks. I can braid my hair the old fashioned way and twist it and pin it myself.
I cant be the only person that finds some of these things that they advertise ridiculous, can I?
Spill it, what good infomercials have you seen lately? Which is your favorite?

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