October 3, 2013

September 2013 Wrap up

Its been a crazy three weeks around here........
After we got the first week of school under our belt, spent some time hanging out with CHB and her extended family. This is what happens after you down 3 bottles of Lemon Chiffon Cupcake Vodka. No, not by myself. And yes, NEVER again. .
Mz Thang painted my nails the next day. She did such a great job!

Some mother/son time at Dairy Queen enjoying a frozen treat. Even though he has been on my shit list lately, who could turn down a buy one, get for 99 cents?

My boss and I celebrated my birthday a little late this year...... this was the bag my present came in. Detachable mustaches! LOVE it!

During ladies night at my house, CHB was sitting on the floor, looking up at poor Angus. Trying to find PROOF of growth on his slight limbs. So she switched the flashlight on her iPhone and voila! Everyone was up to capture the shadows!

Moxie, NappyTabs and I had a crafting night. NappyTabs took these:

Some of this:

A LOT of using this:

Plus a $2 frame from the Goodwill. Yanked out the glass and the ugly picture, covered with cloth and stuck back in the frame.
And made THIS! So cute right? Of course we found it on Pinterest....... It's going to look so awesome above her fireplace!

Moxie and I did a different project. Wine corks, Styrofoam ball, Reindeer moss and hot glue?

Looks funny huh?

And BAM! Isn't that awesome! Moxie and I saw these made by someone at the local farmers market and of course had to try it ourselves!

I hung mine in the "WINE" corner. Where I have the cork frame, jute twine wine bottles and now THIS!

The next day. Moxie helped me get all of MM's stuff in to the storage unit and out of my garage so I can park his car in there. 2 full car loads EACH, in the pouring down rain, but we got it done!

I also hung up my wine calendar (no, I don't have a problem) and marked off the days that have passed since MM left.
Got the house decorated for Fall/Halloween. Sat down to enjoy a nice glass of Shiraz as I FINALLY put my feet up at the end of a long weekend!

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