October 30, 2012

It all started with a Marshmallow...........




CHB and I decided to have a fondue night with our families. We planned out the menu, shopped for all the ingredients, and set a time.

We prepped all the ingredients, did a LOT of chopping, and finally sat down to enjoy our meal.

We had an Italian Cheese Fondue

We had a Beef Roux.........

 And more choices for dipping than we knew what to do with!!! Beef, pretzels, 3 different kinds of bread, lil smokies,
Lots of veggies....... Broccoli, cauliflower, asparagus, mushrooms,


Here we are, all of our sticks fighting for space in the fondue pot. Reaching over each other.......

Mmmmm.... cheesy fondue!

Doodle and PIA  

PIA and Buchwacker

PB and I

After we gorged on all those delicious items, we had to clear the table, clean up the fondue pots, and prep for dessert.

CHB made chocolate fondue and it was SUPER good! Not to be outdone by dinner, we had several things lined up for dipping in chocolate:

Gummy Bears
Pound Cake
Large Marshmallows

We all came back to the table, even though we were full, and started dipping away. And then things took a turn.

Here is PIA, who made a mustache of chocolate!

So of course Doodle had to do it too!

And then CHB got me! With my mouth full!  

But the best part of the night? 

When Buchwhacker started shoving things in his nose...... (as you can see in my picture above) It all started with a marshmallow.....  

Then he "down sized" to a gummy bear.......... 

Or two, or three.........

Then the kids caught on. Here is HOW proudly displaying her gummy bears with her dad.  

PIA and Doodle decided to have a Chubby Bunny contest........ 

See PIA trying not to laugh? And Doodle concentrating on holding those marshmallows in.......


Double Ewwwwww

We had a ton of laughs, a ton of food and a ton of fun! You can only fondue THIS way with people you know VERY well! Can't wait to do it again!

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