October 9, 2012

Homo. Bingo. Yes, you read that correctly.

Last week, CHB sent me a link to an event. I checked it out, and decided I NEEDED to be there. CHB got her people together, I got my people together and with the click of a mouse, all the tickets where purchased online.

Saturday night rolled around, and we headed out to the event. Here is Bushwacker and his daughter Amber. Not quite sure what they have gotten themselves in to, as this sign is posted outside.

CHB, Buchwacker and Amber arrive before PB, Moxie and I (no surprise there) and save us a few seats. We lay out all of our good luck charms and CHB snaps a few shots.

This event is in support of the SnoGlobe Equality Alliance of Snohomish County. A great organization that "supports Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgendered and Questioning youth, adults and allies."

As we settle in for Bingo, I am too busy watching "Ethel" ( the 3 gay guys running the show) and laughing to take pictures. Thank goodness CHB and Amber did!

Bushwacker taking advantage of the table decorations.........

Buchwackers son Kris, and his girlfriend Christie with a marriage proposal........

Buchwacker proudly displaying his new tshirt! PB wanted one as well, but they didn't have his size.

Amber's bingo card......... doesn't look promising.

PB and I entered the raffle drawing and came home with two matted, framed prints of Brice Canyon in Arizona! They are absolutely gorgeous!

Also in attendance that night was a rep from the Referendum 74 campaign. Here in WA we are working to pass legislation so same sex couples can be married.

A few weeks ago CHB got online and ordered our "Approve 74" bumper stickers. They came in the mail right after we attended SnoHomo Bingo, so this past weekend I FINALLY cleaned off my back window and slapped my sticker on there!

Yeah baby! Next up? Figure out how I can volunteer my time on the R74 campaign before the upcoming election.

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