October 17, 2012

Pinterest Reveal #4

Back with yet another installment of Pinterest Reveals.......

I have been wanting to make a coffee filter wreath for MONTHS. I found ALL kinds of inspiration all over Pinterest. I bought all the supplies 6 weeks ago and finally sat down a week ago and got it done.

Here was the "Pinspiration" I found:

I knew I didn't want a white one, and I didn't want a brown one. So I thought about it for a while and figured a way around it. I'm crafty like that.

I opted for a flattened Styrofoam circle, instead of the tubing every one else uses. I wanted to be different.

Purchased a pack of coffee filters at the dollar store.

My "secret" ingredient

A true crafter has a VAT of these on hand..........

Thanks CHB for letting me borrow your "hot glue gun plate". Genius.

Watch how I did my "secret" technique...........

A quarter of the way through, I MADE PB take this pic of me. When I started this project, I had spread my supplies all over the counter top. He rolled his eyes. He NEVER trusts the process. At least he knows enough to say it looks great when I'm done......

And, drum roll please????

Here is the completed wreath! I love love love it!

It turned out even BETTER than I expected! Woot woot! Another Pinterest success!

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