June 26, 2009


So I must start the story at the beginning instead of the end right? Last May, while at the Demo Derby at the speedway (picture redneck city) I got to meet ScurvyDog. The Pirates of Treasure Island were there sponsoring the 50/50 raffle. http://www.thepiratesoftreasureisland.com/

So as we sit there in the drizzle awaiting the start of the derby, he comes waltzing by. Of course I had to get my picture with him!

Now when we were at the Demo Derby this May, no Pirates of Treasure Island. No 50/50 raffle. What the heck right? I have made it my mission to every year be photographed with ScurvyDog and now he is not here?

Well fast forward in the story to June of 2009. Strawberry Festival Parade. Low and behold, who do I see coming down main street towards me? ScurvyDog!!! I drop my camera in CHB's lap and race in to the middle of the road to get my picture taken with him. Now mind you, he has no recollection of me...... so sad.

I hope to be able to start a mini photo album of all the pictures. What do you think? Do I sound like a stalker yet?

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